Royal Montserrat Defence Force Annual Training Camp

Royal Montserrat Defence Force Annual Training Camp

Royal Montserrat Defence Force Annual Training Camp

Release Date

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) has commenced its annual training camp, a requirement by law.

The camp started Saturday 24 October 2020 and will run until Sunday 10 November 2020. In recent times the Annual Training Camp would take place during the end of summer but due to logistical and operational reasons the dates were rescheduled to the current dates. The Camp is being held between the Salem Park and the Salem Police Station.

The camp provides an opportunity for members of the Force to combine and build on the skills members would have previously acquired, character and team working under pressure over an extended period.

This year the training for the camp is focused on enhancing members’ core Military skills as well as undertaking training in Mass Casualty Management and Disaster and Emergency Preparedness. This would aid in the ability of the Force being able to provide assistance to the Civil Powers when needed and be prepared for any eventuality. This is an important aspect of training especially looking at the context of the global pandemic of COVID-19. During the course of the camp the Force would look engage in service projects to benefit the public.

Major Alvin Ryan Commanding Officer of the RMDF stated “We do take our role to provide support to the Civil Powers very seriously as can be seen with the work carried out by members of the Force to support the GoM of Montserrat during its response to the COVID-19 locally. Training is important in order for us to be in a position to provide the best response possibly whenever the Government of Montserrat calls upon us.”
Further updates will be provided as the Training Camp progresses.

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