Rotary Club of Montserrat Awards Biggest Loser Winners

Rotary Biggest Loser Challenge - Winners and Rotary Group Photo

Rotary Club of Montserrat

Release Date

Saturday, July 2, 2022


The Rotary Club of Montserrat announces the award of three (3) winners of the recently hosted Biggest Loser: 7030 Moves for Obesity Prevention Challenge.  The competition was a project launched as a part of the club’s efforts to promote healthier lifestyles and overall wellness for participants within the community. 

The contest consisted of registered participants within the community working towards losing the most amount of weight by the competition’s deadline.  Individuals took part in various weekly exercise activities hosted by the club, where prizes were given for those who achieved the targets in each week’s activities.  Representatives from the Ministry of Health & Social Services collected vitals of the registered participants at the start of the competition, and again at the end to determine the “Biggest Loser” of weight.  The challenge was well received with 38 participants registering, and 21 participants progressing to the finals.

The competition finals resulted in the following winners:

  • 1st Place (XCD$1,000) – Charmaine Brown
  • 2nd Place (XCD$600) – Vanice Tuitt
  • 3rd Place (XCD$300 each) – Laverne Edwards & Delmaude Ryan

2021-22 President of the Rotary Club of Montserrat, Ms. Siobhan Tuitt stated: “We were challenged by our District Governor, Sonya Alleyne, to promote physical activity as an important factor for healthy living and against obesity.  Our district officially recognized World Obesity Day 2022 on March 4th, and adopted the overall merits and message of the World Obesity Federation into our actions against obesity.  Our club then happily participated in a number of initiatives, and the Biggest Loser Challenge, in particular, resulted in 6 weeks of fun, teamwork, and challenging ourselves to be better and live healthier lifestyles.”

Weekly prize winners included:

Gym Challenge Awards

  • Rope Challenge – Ronel White & Anna-kay Duggan-Bryan
  • Complete Gym Challenge – Team ‘Weigh to Go’

Cricket Match Awards

  • Leadership Skills – Laurian Brand
  • Outstanding Player – Jennifer Winspeare
  • Wicket Keeping Skills – Loretta Bodkin

Rounders (In the Spirit of the Game) Awards

  • Wendy Matthew
  • Loni Howe
  • Yvonne Howe

Excellent Attendance Awards

  • Vanice Tuitt
  • Elora White
  • Orettha Simpson-Greenaway

Competition Participant, Ms. Laurian Brand shared: “The Rotary Club of Montserrat's biggest loser challenge was a rewarding, energizing and challenging experience that fueled some of our competitive spirits.  The variety in activities offered each week had me looking forward to each event and made it that more interesting.  Being in a group helped keep us accountable.  I certainly didn't want to let my teammates down so I attended every session and wholeheartedly immersed myself in the experience.  There are some things I've taken away from this experience such as the importance of water intake, the benefits of having an exercise buddy or group and understanding that change is gradual so we shouldn't expect instant results.  If we put what we've learnt into practice we can achieve healthier bodies. I also learnt that healthy living should be a lifestyle change, it not only includes exercise but the foods we eat and getting adequate sleep or rest.  I had a wonderful experience being a part of this challenge and I'm genuinely looking forward to the next rotary fitness challenge.”

Competition Participant, Mrs. Delmaude Ryan offered: “I’m thankful to the Rotary Club of Montserrat for providing a platform through the biggest loser challenge that helped me to seriously develop a discipline and commitment to myself to take personal responsibility for my health.  I became more mindful of what I eat and when I eat, and the importance of eating on time. My aim was to find my fitness rhythm and sticking to it.  I continue to maintain those good habits by exercising regularly in group sessions like the Ministry of Health ‘Waistline Wednesdays’ and my ‘Walk Home from Work Thursdays, improve my water intake and eating on time. I encourage others to take responsibility for their own bodies as only they alone can, and I look forward to next year’s Rotary Biggest Losers Challenge.”

This project was aligned with the Rotary District 7030’s commitment to programs centered around Childhood Obesity Prevention (COP), and are within Rotary International’s Area of Focus: Disease Prevention & Treatment.

The Rotary Club of Montserrat extends thanks to the prize sponsors for the finals: MS Osborne Do It Best, DCASH of ECCB, Mr. George Sutton, and ECCB Governor, Mr. Timothy Antoine.  The club also extends special appreciation to the sponsors of the weekly prizes: Dr. Gary Morton, SPCCU, Department of Environment, Midland Global Sports Development, WEE Fitness, Mr. Johnnie Wyke, Beauty Plus Salon, Peter ‘Yessi’ White, Kurves Intimate Apparel, Julius Morris, Lava Den, Ashley Lindsey, T&A Trucking, and Rock Prints.  Additional thanks are extended to the competition’s weekly facilitators, as well as other supporters and participants, too numerous to mention.

The competition’s closing ceremony was held on June 29th at DMCA, where prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners.

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