Rotaract Club of Montserrat Celebrates a Year of Impact and Growth in the 2023/2024 Rotary Year

Rotaract Club of Montserrat

Wendicia Aymer

Release Date

Monday, May 27, 2024


The Rotaract Club of Montserrat proudly reflects on a year marked by significant achievements, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Montserrat. As the Rotary Year 2023/2024 comes to a close, the club is excited to share its accomplishments and milestones with the public, showcasing its dedication to fostering leadership, promoting professional development, and enhancing community welfare.

Major Achievements and Milestones

36th Charter Day Celebration:

The Rotaract Club of Montserrat successfully organized its 36th Charter Day Anniversary dinner on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. The event was attended by members of the community, past and present club members, and local leaders, all coming together to celebrate this significant milestone. Esteemed guests included Mrs. Patricia Farrell-Daway, Mrs. Daphne Cassell, and Mr. Norman Cassell. The event featured a retrospective look at the club’s achievements and inspirational speeches from community leaders, alongside opportunities for networking and collaboration with a renewed commitment to future community service endeavors. Additionally, the celebration brought awareness to Rotary International’s mission to secure a polio-free world, highlighting both global impact and local contributions.

Events and Highlights

Professional Development:

The annual Executive Training for the new board of directors took place at the beginning of the Rotary Year in July 2023. Designed to assist directors with their new roles and responsibilities, the training included team-building exercises to emphasize the importance of teamwork for leading the club successfully. Additionally, the training provided intensive sessions for emerging leaders, equipping them with essential skills for personal and professional growth. The training was facilitated by members of the Rotary Club of Montserrat.

Kiddies Snack & Paint:

The "Kiddies Snack & Paint" initiative was a resounding success, with over 50 children in attendance in November 2023. This event provided an opportunity for children ages 6 to 11 years old to showcase their artistic skills through painting, enjoy various games, and make new friends. The initiative significantly impacted the community by offering children a fun and engaging activity outside their usual routine.

Spread the Love Donation:

On Valentine’s Day, February 2024, the Rotaract Club of Montserrat embarked on their project dubbed “Spread the Love.” Members visited several seniors within the community and presented gift baskets, which were warmly received by the recipients.

Children’s Easter Fiesta:

The Rotaract Club of Montserrat annually volunteers at the “Children’s Easter Fiesta” hosted by “Iris Lake and Friends.” This festive event is a highlight for children, filled with games and fun activities, as well as plenty of treats. The club’s role was to ensure that the children had a blast and to assist with various activities, from lively games to serving delicious food and ensuring their safety. Groups and organizations are encouraged to request the club’s services to volunteer at events such as these.

Thrift Shops:

The Fundraising Committee planned thrift shops throughout the Rotary Year 2023/2024. These projects raised significant funds, which were used to support various community service activities. Pre-owned clothing items were generously donated by members of the community, highlighting the spirit of giving and collaboration—one of the club’s objectives. This was another successful accomplishment for the books.

International Service:

The Rotaract Club of Montserrat engaged in several collaborative projects with various Rotaract clubs within and outside of District 7030 to foster stronger friendships and professional connections.

One notable collaboration was with the Rotaract Club of Antigua and the Rotaract Club of Georgetown Central for the project "Wuh Yuh Know Bout District 7030? Fusion Max." This initiative allowed members to learn about each other’s countries and gain a deeper understanding of District 7030 as a whole.

Club members also collaborated with clubs from Africa, including the Rotaract Club of Freetown, the Rotaract Club of Banjul, and the E-Club of Eastland, to present "Stress! A Recipe for Drugs," a chat on World Mental Health Day aimed at raising awareness about mental health.

Additionally, Rotaractors on Montserrat teamed up with the Rotaract Club of Kingston to organize the "Trivia Night Best Friend Challenge," a fun and engaging activity that allowed members to network and strengthen bonds through friendly competition.

These international service projects not only built camaraderie among club members but also enhanced their knowledge of the diverse cultures within the district.

Fellowship Activities:

The Rotaract Club of Montserrat also engaged in various fellowship activities, such as movie nights and game nights. These events played a crucial role in keeping members engaged and fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun through service. These activities not only strengthened bonds within the club but also enhanced the overall experience of serving the community together.

Thank You and Acknowledgements

The successes of 2023/2024 would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our members, volunteers, sponsors, and the community. Special thanks to our executive team for their leadership and to our partners for their collaboration.

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