Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc Launch Technologically Advanced Activated Silver Face Masks For Adults and Children


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Monday, September 21, 2020


The Health and Sustainable Living Department at Canadian based Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc (RKI Strategies Inc) recently launched a set of activated silver advanced technology X-STATIC® face masks for protection against COVID-19. 

With the threat of COVID-19 very much still around, RKI Strategies Inc Activated Silver X-STATIC® Face Masks for children and adults provide optimum protection above and beyond normal everyday cloth masks.

These activated silver face masks, powered by X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology, are manufactured by a professional textiles company with laboratory tested and certified material. The silver within the fabric has been clinically proven to kill any trace of COVID-19 that comes into contact with the fabric. This gives effective respiratory protection against coronavirus infection.

Clinical confirmation received during July, 2020, showed that on non-woven fabric, metallised with silver, the lab results revealed a reduction of the coronavirus six times faster than the unmetallised normal cloth fabric. These tests were commissioned by Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in bacterial management solutions based in America, and conducted by BioScience Laboratories Inc. against the human coronavirus. 

CEO of RKI Strategies Inc, Jeevan A. Robinson stated; "We wanted to provide a safety solution for members of the public that gives them the protection both they, their families and friends deserve in terms of staying safe from COVID-19. Thus, we took some time in doing our research; and after testing samples ourselves, decided to partner with a key manufacturer to produce these advanced activated silver X-STATIC® face masks. These masks provide the best protection you can find against COVID-19"

RKI Strategies Inc provides these masks both on a wholesale and retail level. Retail masks are sold via RKI's e-commerce subsidiary JRbrandCO - . They are available in different sizes, ranging from children to various adult sizes.

The effectiveness of Silver incorporated into the very material of the face masks, from which the X-STATIC® products are made, is a non-chemical, non-toxic way of reducing infection pathogens found on soft surface fabrics.

RKI Strategies Inc Health and Sustainable Living X-STATIC® reusable face masks provide a number of benefits over cloth face masks. These include:

  • inhibiting bacterial growth;

  • enhanced barrier protection around the nose;

  • the filters used are equivalent to those used in FFP masks

  • it’s permanent and safe;

  • it’s cost-effective due to the long lifespan of the product; and it’s

  • eco-friendly and does not require laundering (except when soiled)

  • The pure silver bonded into every fibre cannot wash out, therefore the mask won’t lose their antibacterial properties.

  • They are suitable for people who have to wear masks for long periods of time.

  • They are resistant to fluids and allows for moisture to evaporate instead of soaking into the material.

About Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc

Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc is an independently registered company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and sustainable investment services via opportunity assessment, promotion and facilitation. The company's main areas of business focus are: 

a) ICT, Innovation & Digitisation;
b) Sustainable Living, Health & Well-being
c) Climate Change & The Green Economy

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