Review of The Experience at Nicole's Table, Antigua; A Culinary Delight for All Visitors To Enjoy

Nicole Authorton Dennis

Jeevan Robinson, MNI Media

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Friday, May 5, 2023


There are a variety of experiences to be enjoyed when visiting Antigua & Barbuda. One experience that offers more of that personable touch is the Caribbean cookery class provided at Nicole's Table. 

At Nicole's Table, visitors to Antigua can enjoy Caribbean cooking flair and a superb atmosphere, all taking place inside of her beautiful home, perched on a hill overlooking the City of St Johns and surrounding areas with the Caribbean sea in the background. Before we talk about the food, the views enjoyed from Nicole's home set a very relaxing energy, especially for those who may be nervous about partaking in a group cooking experience. 

I would not describe Nicole's Table as just a cooking class but more so as a totally engaging and fully satisfying cooking experience - both for beginners and those who may already know their way around the kitchen. Host Nicole Arthurton Dennis is a fun and bubbly personality. She leads the experience. Once you meet Nicole, she immediately puts you at ease with easy conversation and a very warm and friendly personality. You can tell that she was made for hosting and hospitality. 

Group at Nicole's Table

Group cooking at Nicole's Table, Antigua

Local fruit drinks or water is offered before any activity begins. Following this, Nicole tells a bit about herself and shares also what attendees to her table will experience during their 3-4 hours being hosted in her home. The beauty about this day a Nicole's, is that once you begin the meal preparation, the time just buzzes by. There are no dull moments as the interaction is kept alive with great conversation as Nicole gets everyone involved in participating in the meal prep. 

On my visit, we prepared jerk chicken, rice and beans, salad and pastries for dessert. If you think any of these are difficult, then think again! The provided recipe guide is quite instructive. Beyond that, Nicole is there every step of the way guiding and walking you through what to do..and also what not to do, so that the dish comes out tasting right. She does a masterful job in overseeing the process whilst also ensuring that the experience is fun!

Ingredients preparation for Jerk Chicken marinade

Ingredients preparation for Jerk Chicken marinade

The same for the pastry preparation. I always thought pastry preparation would have been too time consuming. No more so. The coconut custard tart which Nicole guided us in preparing took a very short time to put together and in the end everything was in the oven without any fuss. 

Overall, I would recommend Nicole's Table to any visitor coming to Antigua and Barbuda. From jerk; to curries; to cooking with rum, pastries and even specially requested dishes -  she does it all. Most importantly she makes the experience fun!

What can be more satisfying that preparing your meal over good cheer and partaking in what you've created sitting a table with your fellow "chefs" eating and enjoying beautiful views of St John's and its environs below! 

Final meal completed and ready to be eaten

Final meal completed and ready to be eaten

Be sure to visit Nicole's Table on your next trip to Antigua & Barbuda!

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