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Tuesday, December 15, 2020


In a brand new study conducted by Royal Panda, it has been revealed that gamers who play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Among Us have the highest IQ levels in the gaming community.

In an effort to dispel old myths and determine the intelligence level of gamers, Royal Panda partnered with a team of psychologists to test the IQ of 1,001 gamers and technology users.

The remote IQ test assessed the cognitive skills of participants in four areas: verbal, mathematics, logic and visual and has confirmed that the very smartest gamers play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Psychologists administering the test have, therefore, suggested that strategy-based first-person shooter games are favoured by smart gamers.

Moreover, these games could, potentially, be used to increase intelligence in some capacity.

The Top 5 Highest IQ Levels by Game were:

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege = 120.3 IQ

  2. Among Us = 118.9 IQ

  3. Minecraft = 116.3 IQ

  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare = 111.2 IQ

  5. EA Sports FIFA = 106.6 IQ

GTA: Online and Assassins Creed players were found to have some of the lowest IQ levels in the study.

The study also categorised each participant by gender and console preferences, revealing that women gamers had the higher collective IQ at 108.4 vs. men’s 102.3.

For console choice PC gamers came out on top with a collective IQ of 112.3, compared to Mobile gamers who appeared at the bottom of the list, collectively scoring 99.4.

PlayStation gamers were found to be cognitively superior to their Xbox playing counterparts.

IQ Level by Console:

  1. PC Gamers = 112.3 IQ

  2. PlayStation Gamers = 110.7 IQ

  3. Xbox Gamers = 103.8 IQ

  4. Nintendo Switch Gamers = 101.3 IQ

  5. Mobile Gamers = 99.4 IQ

The research also determined that Android users had a slight edge over iOS gamers, with an IQ score of 110.3 vs. 108.2.

Testing Skills in Four Different Ways – Methodology

The team of academic psychologists administered intelligence tests in four distinct areas: 

  • Verbal Intelligence – A reading, writing and comprehension test to measure the participant’s capacity for learning and problem solving.

  • Mathematical Ability – A test involving arithmetic and problem solving to determine a general baseline of intelligence. 

  • Logical Reasoning – A puzzle-based test that measured a participant’s capacity for lateral thinking and creativity. 

  • Visual Reasoning – An “odd one out” test that measured a participant’s capacity to measure and process visual material

For a complete breakdown of the results, methodology and details on which gamers are the smartest, please visit the Intelligent Gamers study.

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