Renowned Actor & Playwright Talks New Season of The Oval & Opening Conservatory


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Thursday, January 7, 2021


Written, directed and executive produced by Tyler Perry, "The Oval" is a political drama series that tells the story of U.S President Hunter Franklin and first lady Victoria Franklin, a power-hungry interracial couple, who present a perfect facade to the world while indulging in wildly scandalous behavior behind closed doors. On the series, Javon portrays 'Richard Hallsen,' a proud family man, and the esteemed White House butler who has served under several administrations at the at the White House, longer than anyone else there. Please use the following link for the teaser trailer for season 2 of The Oval. Teaser Trailer: The Oval Season 2

Not one to tackle one project at a time, Javon and his company, Bear Fruit Conservatory will be holding its official grand opening on Saturday, January 30 in upstate South Carolina. Bear Fruit is a non-profit school that provides high quality education and career development programs across multiple performing art disciplines. 

Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, Javon grew up in a bule collar community that focused on hard working and supporting the community. From a young age, and thanks to the help of his school's choir director, Javon's love and interest in the performing arts were able to grow and thrive, and he would go on to receive a scholarship and attend Southern Carolina State University. After changing his major to acting, Javon fully immersed himself into the program and would go on to earn a bachelors degree before going on to receive a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Pittsburgh.

As a writer, Javon has been the recipient of several awards and honors including 1999 finalist for the Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship at Arena Stage of Washington, DC; 1998 Kennedy Center Fellowship to attend the Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference; 1999 Pittsburgh Playwright Award, 1998 Yukon/Pacific New Play Award, and 1998 Lorraine Hansberry Award for Papa's Blues; second place recipient of 1999 Lorraine Hansberry Award for A Noose for Bettyann; and 1998 Best-One Act Play for American College Theatre Festival Region II competition for The Pawn. He has had plays read at Lanford Wilson's Playwright's Retreat, stage reading by CAP21 and Lab Theatre Company in New York, and productions at the Grahamstown Festival in South Africa, Kuntu Repertoy Theatre, and Pittsburgh's New Voices. Johnson has also served as a Panelist for the PlayLab competition at the 1999 Edward Albee Seventh Annual Theatre Conference of Valdez, Alaska.


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