Reggae and Dancehall star Christopher Martin Talks About Trust

Christopher Martin Trust album cover


Release Date

Friday, March 25, 2022


Using a melodic bass line as his backdrop, Reggae and Dancehall star Christopher Martin lays clear the reasons why he has ‘trust’ issues in his newest one-drop anthem “Trust.”

Appealing to listeners, Christopher sings “trust is something you can’t give to everybody … how you fih say we ah friend and you ah bruk bread with mih enemy dem….”

Taking to social media for the past few weeks, Christopher has been very vocal about the topic of trust.  Clips of him in the studio speaking on the topic, and the Cheeny Big Son Music produced song immediately engaged his fan base.

Providing a quote for this VPAL blast, Christopher says “it [trust] is important because it is something lacking in this generation – minds are very frivolous and easily swayed.  The song brings across the point that when you do find people you can trust you have to keep them close at all times and let them know they are close to you.  Loyalty is not cheap.  I am happy the topic is hitting home.”

Christopher, the quintessential modern artist with the distinguished voice to match uses life experiences and his and down-to-earth persona to speak for those who are facing broken trust issues.

Download "Trust" Here

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