Radiation Safety Institute of Canada Donates $20,000 to Toronto Food Banks


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Friday, May 22, 2020


TORONTO, Ont. — In an effort to help families who are struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is donating $10,000 to each of the Daily Bread Food Bank and North York Harvest.

The effort to curb the spread of the virus — a general shut down of businesses across the country and stay-at-home orders for all Canadians — has had a significant impact on the Canadian economy. Unemployment numbers are at record levels, and more families than ever are facing an uncertain future in what is promised to be a long and slow recovery.

In Toronto, Statistics Canada reports the unemployment rate has climbed from 5.6 per cent in December to 7.9 per cent in April. The need for support is real.

“We have been looking at what we could do as an organization that would help Canadians as we move to the recovery phase,” says Reza Moridi, Chair of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada Board of Directors. “We have been in a State of Emergency for several weeks now. Knowing there are many families out there struggling to make ends meet – we wanted to help.”

“The Institute’s staff and Board feel very strongly that this donation is the most direct and impactful assistance our organization can offer Canadians during this trying time,” adds Natalia Mozayani, President and CEO of the Radiation Safety Institute.

The Radiation Safety Institute is the only non-profit institution in Canada, independent of industry and government, that is solely dedicated to radiation safety. Based in Toronto, the Institute’s National Education Centre is on Sheppard Avenue East in North York.

“On behalf of all those in need of emergency food assistance in our community, I give my heartfelt appreciation to the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada for its generous gift,” says Ryan Noble, Executive Director of North York Harvest. “Thank you for believing that no one should go hungry especially during these challenging times.”

“Thanks to a generous donation from the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, we will be able to provide more than 10,000 meals to individuals experiencing food insecurity in Toronto,” says Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank. “We are grateful when other Toronto non-profits doing great work, join Daily Bread Food Bank’s vision to end hunger in our city. We can only do this together.”

The Radiation Safety Institute, which owns and operates the Fergal Nolan National Laboratories in Saskatoon, has also made a $10,000 donation to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre.

For more information, please visit www.radiationsafety.ca. Follow the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada on Twitter @RSICanada and Like it on Facebook.

About the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada:

The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is a non-partisan, non-governmental body promoting safety in relation to radiation exposure in the workplace and in homes, schools and the environment. It was founded in 1980 as a direct, independent response to the human disaster in Elliot Lake, Ont., where more than 220 otherwise healthy miners died from excessive exposure to radiation in the uranium mines.

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