Police Officer on Montserrat Involved in Domestic Abuse Against a Female Still Working on the Job


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

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Friday, May 29, 2020


On March 26th, 2020, in the St Peter’s area of Montserrat, a young lady - a Montserrat national who now resides in the United Kingdom - was violently abused by a Police Officer just before she was about to return to the UK. Her bruises were to such an extent that even today, two months after the incident, the bruises to her skin have left marks. But also,  this young lady explained to MNI that she is mentally scarred and terrified from what was done to her.

The Police Officer in question, from the information received by MNI Media, was involved in a relationship with the young lady that was physically abused. The Police Officer also is an Officer who has previously been in trouble with a member of the public for undue use of force towards a civilian during 2019.

The Officer in question is Mr Orlando Dasent.

The question must be asked if Police Officers on Montserrat are above the law when it comes to the enforcement of laws and the enactment of proper punishment when they themselves have been the perpetrators of any form of misdemeanor? Is this not the same Police Service who are supposed to be the ones helping to protect women from the men who physically abuse them?

MNI Media has had several conversations with the lady that was abused by Officer Dasent. She confirmed that she was in a relationship with the Officer. She also explained that the night the abuse took place, it was unlike any level of violence that she has ever personally experienced.

She explained to MNI Media that she has had to seek help at the highest levels on her return to the United Kingdom, for what was done to her by Officer Orlando Dasent.

(bruises on the young lady allegedly inflicted by Officer Dasent)

As the physical abuse took place just before she was due to fly back to England, she first contacted the Metropolitan Police in London to make a report as soon as she arrived back into the UK. They directed her to the UK/Montserrat Office in London, managed by Miss Janice Panton. Miss Panton, we were told, then proceeded to reach out to the Governor’s Office on Montserrat, who then contacted the Commissioner of Police to seek a follow up to the young lady’s complaint.

The further facts of the incident are as follows:

On the evening of March 26th, 2020 in the St Peter’s area of Montserrat, Officer Orlando Dasent allegedly dragged the young lady from a car violently and slammed her into the vehicle. During the abuse, Officer Dasent allegedly held the young lady in a choke hold headlock. Also, too, Dasent allegedly imparted many cuts and bruises on both the young lady’s arms due to the manner in which he was roughly handling her.

The abused young lady stated to MNI Media that there was also another Police Officer who was present at the time with Officer Dasent whilst she was being abused by him.

With Officer Dasent still working in the Police Service since the incident in March, does this reflect a neglect of domestic abuse against women on Montserrat by Police Officers? Furthermore, does this show that the Commissioner of Police has been negligent in ensuring that Officer Dasent, and the other Officer who was with him are not allowed to bring the Police Service into disrepute?

(bruises on the young lady allegedly inflicted by Officer Dasent)

We have been informed by the young lady that the Police Service did eventually write to her. She despatched a full complaint to them on April 1st,  2020, outlining everything. She received no response. She then had to make contact a month later on May 1st, 2020, asking for a follow up, after which she received a reply on May 3rd.

The investigation into the matter led to six options being presented to the young lady. The very first option on the list of six was for her to dismiss the matter entirely. They also offered her avenues for seeing to it that Officer Dassent was punished.

However, should the Police internal investigation even have been suggesting that the young lady brush this matter under the carpet, considering it was such a serious case of domestic abuse by a Police Officer? Furthermore, why place this as the very first option on the list?

What is going on with some Officers inside the Royal Montserrat Police Service? Is an independent investigation needed to ascertain if the Police Service on Montserrat is ethically bankrupt?

The young lady stated to MNI Media that Officer Dasent, having realised the level of abuse he inflicted on the young lady, sought the day after to apologise to her before she left Montserrat for England, stating to her that he had promised himself he would “never be like this again.”
(bruises on the young lady allegedly inflicted by Officer Dasent)

The question begs therefore if this is something Officer Dasent has done before to other women? If it is, then the Royal Montserrat Police Service needs to clean its own house without delay.

Note: Jeevan A. Robinson is Founder & Editorial Director at Marketing, News & Information Media - MNI Media; a two times New York, USA, Award Winning Media House.

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