Poem; The Sins Of The Father


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Monday, February 8, 2021


This damn tree prick me they call it Acacia
Caribs called this place Alliouagana
Nah we Montserratian’s call this tree ‘kusha’ - it chuke
That’s why Caribs named here ‘land of the prickly bush’
Today it is almost empty again or is it rejuvenation?
After fights by British and French for colonization
Hurricanes, volcano, adaptation redesigns - we are fine
Through real love of land we decided to rebuild, we didn’t mind
Still an abyss of authentic entitlement from slavery
Some securing shackles on our struggling economy

Introduction of slavery brought on this manipulation
We are used and dumped here into forceful cohabitation
For greed, finance, real estate we’re one of the product
Black bodies are efficient and resilient so they abduct
Melanin as our protection we toiled only to survive
Avoiding the eyes of massa and his whip to stay alive
Failure to follow massa’s rules had us shot or hang
Sighting the inhumane treatment, change came along
Even white Irish who bought their freedom were awful
Then emancipation! Exit from slavery we were grateful

We built homes surviving Britain’s bullshit colonialism
After being used like kept whores among the elitism
Nature delivered a few catastrophes for our attention
We lost lives, savings, peace, to eruption and erosion
Perverted estate owners like slave traders holding on
Antiquated deals done pro emancipation, still in action
Show us the documented value of this island’s cost.
For tax free till eternity we will always be at a loss
Owners of these tax free lands are holding us hostage
Are these oligarchy members on a crucial rampage?

Volcano created havoc on two thirds of our population
Untouched unscrupulous ones are enjoying exaltation
Slave labor helped to develop their plantation
It’s not that we are saying pay your taxes or reparation
But we we should as all black citizen owning land have to pay
Yet plantation owners lands are still tax free anyway
We are just extremely tired of white privilege flirted
As the rest of this black built island rights get skirted
Be part of our solution not the problem of this island
Slavery may carve your future but this is still our land

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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