Poem: Lips and Legs

Image of Lips with lipstick

William "Bubbles Galloway and Hyacinth Edwards

Release Date

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Lips and legs have a lot in common
When close they alert humans to attention
Apart can create a movement even excitement
Start confusion, create peace and solve abandonment


Lips and legs, they have a lot in common
Opened or closed they could do harm to anyone
You may think when you approach them that you are in control
However, not even you are ready for when you open the scroll
You were mystified and distracted by their elegance and beauty
So you missed their slight indication that you should seek safety
Chest out and strutting you continued your forward march
I hope you are ready, for the pain, as they unleash their wrath

You see, opened or closed, lip and legs are a challenge for us
We use them to fight boredom or for excitement as we lust
However, try as you may, not even you can see into the mistress’ soul
No indication of the outcome as you try to reach some unattainable goal
Lips and legs have a lot in common, they have started and ended wars
However, when you ask not even the soldiers can tell you the cause
To be privy to secrets that lie between them, we have abandoned our country
Only to find ourselves on our knees begging as we are still unsatiated and hungr

Note: Written by William "Bubbles" Galloway and Hyacinth Edwards. 

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