Pink Ribbon Charity to Increase Support to Montserrat’s Women in 2022

Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat Board Members

Nerissa Golden

Release Date

Friday, December 24, 2021


The Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat Inc. (PRC) will be launching a support group in 2022 to assist women who are working through a cancer diagnosis and traumas associated with their health.

Along with the need for a mammogram service on the island, a support group was another expressed desire of women in a virtual session held during this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Sonia Charles, President of the PRC, said the “Let’s Talk Breast Health” session hosted by cancer survivor Daphne Furlonge had been an emotional and revealing event. Women shared that having a space to vent or air their concerns and fears about having mammograms and receiving positive diagnosis of cancer was lacking on Montserrat.

“The work that the Pink Ribbon Charity transcends promoting the wearing of pink and relegating activities to the month of October. We have already helped more than 400 women in Montserrat to receive mammograms. We want to see all women who are of age to regularly get mammograms and take care of their mental and physical health. The new support group, which will be led by breast cancer survivor and the charity’s Public Relations Officer Bernadine Collins-Chambers, is one of the main ways we plan to do this going forward,” Charles stated.

Charles, who is based in the United Arab Emirates, said the success of the 2021 year of the charity would have been impossible without the stellar contributions from vice president Nurse Brenda Daley and all of the members of the board and the volunteers. She added her thanks to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharra Greenaway-Duberry and President of the Positive Foundation in St. Maarten, Shelly Alphonso for their Zoom session on dealing with mammograms in a COVID-19 era, which was held in late September. While the pandemic has increased the stresses related to health care on the island, it is still possible for women who need them to be able to access the examinations on Antigua.

The charity encourages women to see their primary health care provider for a referral. Once this is received, the referral should be presented to the charity’s treasurer Ms Liz Johnson who will then make arrangements for funding the mammogram appointment in Antigua at either the Belmont Clinic or Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre. Additionally, the Pink Ribbon Charity may cover travel expenses for urgent critical breast care.

This year, PRC raised $4934.50 from community donations and activities during Pink Ribbon Awareness Month. 

The board and volunteers of the Pink RIbbon Charity Montserrat Inc. wishes everyone a safe festival season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

To learn more about Pink RIbbon Charity Montserrat Inc. visit their website at or their Facebook page of the same name.

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