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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


The night is always young and so are you…at least when you’re on vacation in St. Martin! Every Tuesday night in the months of February, March and April, the boulevard of Grand Case (the French side’s most populous town) lights up with drums, dancers and craft stalls. This spectacular event is known to last 10 weeks, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to get in on the fun. The streets close every Tuesday evening, creating an upscale night market vibe in this former fishing town known for being the cultural epicenter of French St. Martin.

Les Mardi de Grand Case has been celebrating local merchants for almost 20 years! Here are some surreal parts of the event that showcase the local music, art, and cuisine you won’t want to miss out on:

1. Carnival Parades

Photos Courtesy of St. Martin Tourist Office

Musicians from all over the island present their talents along the main street and showcase melodies like traditional Caribbean soca. The feathered dancers wearing sequins and colourful costumes inject a sense of magic and wonder into the party. The parade invites St. Martin’s school children and musical prodigies to showcase their talent for the special occasion. 

2. Craft Stalls

Craft stalls in St Martin

You will discover the most unique artifacts during les Mardi de Grand Case that you won’t find anywhere else. From paintings to cosmetics, most items are made from natural materials found on the island. Things like soap, shower gel and even mosquito repellents are all-natural. You can find items to decorate your own home such as candles, ceramics, or hand-painted lightbulbs. These stalls run along the Grand Case boulevard for the entire 10 weeks and highlight the history and culture of the storied town.  

3. The Incredible Dining Options

Along with the parades and parties, there is a magnificent mixed cuisine that is celebrated during les Mardi de Grand Case. The air is filled with spicy aromas that invite you to relish in the incredibly dynamic culinary traditions of St. Martin. There are traditional meals to enjoy on the go, especially the chicken colombo, as you savour the party. If you’re tired after all the partying, there are gourmet restaurants with balconies to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal with an incredible view. For our connoisseurs, there are carefully arranged stands of aged rums to try. You will find many such delicacies on Tuesday nights in Grand Case.

So the next time you plan a vacation to St. Martin, make sure to keep your Tuesday nights free. Indulge in the culture, music and food all on one street. To help you learn more about the amazing experiences that make up les Mardi de Grand Case, you can click right here.

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