Opposition on Montserrat to Lead Peaceful Protest Against Ferry Stoppage: Cease the Carnage Today or it's Tomorrow For You


Office of The Opposition

Release Date

Thursday, September 3, 2020


The Opposition on Montserrat will be leading a peaceful protest to hold the government of Premier Easton Taylor-Farrell to account on the ferry. Feel free to join Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition at Government Headquarters in solidarity on Friday, September 4th, 2020, starting at 10:00AM.

Stop the carnage today or it's tomorrow for you.

This gathering follows from a lack of GoM consultations with users of the ferry about plans to terminate the service; being aware that ring-fenced monies are not easily cashed-in and will make no difference to the current budget deficit situation; other than to save money for DfID use or for frivolous control of airline subsidies.

The airlines are already subsidized and we want the British and all concerned to know that the withdrawal of the ferry will hurt the poor people of Montserrat for years to come.  The cost of living increases will be drastic, as a complete closure by use of a cargo boat will cripple all savings that have cushioned and allowed the poor people to live here in Montserrat.

We have no place to go from Montserrat and need travel protocols to link Montserrat into the regional economy via Antigua and other neighbouring islands to help us with health-care, stress busters and sports for our children as well.

We do not think the British will agree with this MCAP beggarman approach to the British with hands tainted with the blood from cutting the ferry service as an artery to the heart of our small local economy. Covid has not erased the need for an Economy.

There is nothing else to hope for but a potential Service Economy for Montserrat. We appeal for mercy on behalf of our people.

The people's ferry is part of the Public Goods of Montserrat.

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