“New Orleans Dip King”  Blakk Tatted Becomes Millionaire (almost) Overnight

“New Orleans Dip King”  Blakk Tatted

Anderson / MNI Alive

Release Date

Friday, February 4, 2022


After gaining nearly 400,000 Instagram followers through his viral social media skits & art, famed New Orleans native Blakk Tatted realized he was putting money into the pockets of major corporations when he could be earning it for himself.

Today MNI Alive shares how he then became a certified multi-millionaire in the past month with Blakk Smoke, his own unique line of Hookah products including the new revolutionary one-of-a-kind Hookah vape pen containing zero tobacco and zero nicotine.

Many will recognize the young artist as the "New Orleans Dip King," Blakk was crowned by his pioneering the "Dip Challenge," proving himself to be the embodiment of New Orleans swag. He then released the music single "Dip Witchaaa" that enchanted millions of listeners with the sound of New Orleans bounce music. Blakk Tatted's new On The Go Hookah Pens just launched one month ago in January and already sold millions of dollars of product. A true first of its kind, these Hookah pens offer a premium Blakk Smoke experience and are 100% portable, personal, disposable, and discreet, and as always - contain NO nicotine or tobacco. The Blakk Smoke Hookah Pen is completely breath-activated and automatically turns on/off during and after pulls. Additionally, each pen comes pre-filled with 2022 puffs of one of our ten delicious Blakk Smoke flavors and is equipped with colorful LED lights making it the ultimate tobacco-free personal hookah experience.

Hookah has never been more popular in America for its countless flavors, and others appreciate it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes & cigars. Unfortunately, the truth remains that most shisha substances used to smoke hookah contain some level of tobacco. The lightheadedness caused by smoking hookah is due to its tobacco, and Blakk Tatted has created a remedy for those who would like to smoke hookah without exposure to any nicotine.

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