Negative COVID-19 Test Required For Travelers from Montserrat to Antigua


Ministry of Health and Social Services

Release Date

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


The Ministry of Health and Social Services is notifying travelers from Montserrat to Antigua, of the need to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to traveling.

In accordance with the Government of Antigua public health protocols, all passengers arriving in Antigua must have a negative COVID -19 test taken within seven days of their arrival. This includes passengers transiting through Antigua to other final destinations.

In order to comply with the established protocols; The Ministry of Health and Social Services will facilitate the testing of prospective travelers.

Residents who are booked to travel must contact Dr. Georgette Skerritt at telephone number 496-9724 to make an appointment, to be sampled for testing.

Sampling will occur each Friday, and test results are anticipated to be available by Wednesday of the following week. At present, there is no cost associated with sampling and testing.

The public is asked to review their travel dates and be guided accordingly to ensure smooth transition through Antigua.

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