Natalyah brings forth explosive new track ‘Dynamite’ featuring Drastic

Natalyah has exploded back onto the music scene

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023


The always diligent and progressive Trinidad-born, Swiss Soca-Pop sensation Natalyah has exploded back onto the music scene with her latest single ‘Dynamite’ a cross-country collaboration with Antiguan Soca artiste Drastic.

‘Dynamite’ is an infectious, melodic and danceable tune that seamlessly combines elements of Pop, EDM and Caribbean rhythms (including the steelpan). This high-energy track was written by Natalyah and Drastic and produced by B Note Entertainment.

Regarding this new track, Natalyah shared, “Dynamite is about a chance meeting that led to romance on a fun night out! Working with Drastic was fantastic as I’ve always admired his style, and delivery. When I was recording Dynamite I thought it was a good opportunity to team up with him. I sent him the track, he recorded his vocals and the rest is history. Even though we collaborated from different countries the experience was still musically fulfilling.”

Drastic echoed her sentiments saying, “It was such a pleasure working with Natalyah on this song. As a Caribbean man, when I heard the production for Dynamite, I really liked melodies and appreciated the use of the steelpan. It felt very natural to make this collab happen.”

Adding more life to this musical release is a brand spanking new music video complete with high fashion and vivacious dancers. The majority of the bright and colourful visuals were captured by London-based videographer Yulia Hauer and filmed on location at the Grand Casino Baden in Switzerland (where Natalyah often performs and serves as in-house DJ) with Drastic shooting his segments in Toronto, Canada.

The hard working singer, songwriter, composer and performer has also been making waves in the world of film and had one of her songs in constant rotation in a trailer during the 2023 Fantoche Film Festival and also recently rocked the house at a performance in Sweden where she shared the stage for a set alongside Trinidadian-born American electronic dance artiste, The Mad Stuntman of ‘I Like to Move It’ fame.

Natalyah who teases upcoming film projects, music collaborations and new Soca releases for the 2024 Carnival season is on a constant mission to take the tropical rhythms and musical vibe of her homeland Trinidad & Tobago to various major international spaces and festivals where Caribbean music isn’t traditionally played.

She remains appreciative to her fans’ constant support of her music, videos and ambitions.

‘Dynamite’ is distributed through VPAL Music and is available now on all major streaming platforms. Stream it now via

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