Most Beautiful Child In The World

Theo Semper and Son

Theo Semper

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Friday, August 12, 2011


Parents think that their newborn child is the most beautiful child in the world.

But I have news for you. Your baby is not the most beautiful thing in the world. It is short. Wrinkled. It has a funny color. And give it a minute and you'll realize that it smells funny. And the little bugger is greedy. All it does is eat, cry, sleep and smell up the place.

There is one exception. My child. I was there for his birth. He didn't want to come out through the birth canal. (Dr. Jackson said that he was sunny side up). So she had to cut him out.

I am telling you, when she yanked him out by his legs and showed him to me my heart skipped a beat. It was the most amazing sight! He was beautiful

He had the most beautiful smooth skin. Perfect complexion. A perfect head full of black curly hair. Ten perfect toes. Ten perfect fingers. An amazing toothless smile. He was so warm as I held him against me. My son was the most beautiful newborn in the world.

I still believe that today.

But I was looking through his pictures the today and I realized that maybe he wasn't that perfect after all. He had the same issues that your newborn had. His complexion was a bit off'as if he was living in a warm moist place for about nine months. He was short, and wrinkled. He was toothless. His belly button stuck out too far. His arms and legs flailed like two pairs of useless appendages.

I hate to say this, but I think I was fooled. I think that the boy cast some sort of magic spell on me when he came out to blind me of those flaws. Maybe there is some sort of parent-child connection that fools us into believing that our child is perfect.

Don't get me wrong; I still think that my son was way more beautiful than yours at birth. But he had me fooled. The photos looked at today were not those of the perfectly beautiful child I held at his birth.

Fortunately he did grow into the perfectly beautiful child. He wrinkles smoothed out. His complexion became more_human. And he eventually grew teeth and a charming child.

But, I need to let it be known that I did not have to be charmed into seeing something that wasn't there to love my son at birth. Whatever it was'the magic of parenthood, unconditional love or personal pride'I did not see a single flow on that magical day in January 2001. He was perfect child.

Someone must have defaced my pictures.

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