Montserrat Tourism Division Releases Electronic Island Guide

Picture of Montserrat's volcano

Montserrat Tourism Division

Release Date

Thursday, July 14, 2022


The Montserrat Tourism Division has released its e-brochure, the Montserrat Island guide, which highlights the many experiences a visitor can enjoy on a trip to Montserrat.

The 40-page Island Guide is also available in print version for visitors, diaspora and travel media alike.  It is packed with high-resolution photos and information to suit a wide range of interests and demographics to include getting to the island and getting around, places to stay, exciting experiences, excursions, arts and craft directory, dining locations, festivals and the Remote Worker Stamp.

Director of Tourism, Rosetta West-Gerald noted, “Our priority is to increase the number of new and returning visitors to the island and it is fantastic to launch this e-brochure especially at this time, which is easily accessible and which shows that Montserrat is packed full of amazing experiences to enjoy right now! It also encourages visitors to explore more and to stay longer”.

Additionally, Market Development Officer, Cherise Aymer, stated, “We know our visitors appreciate the importance of having information readily available and our Island Guide is often used as a one-stop-shop for those seeking information about Montserrat. Technology is changing how the average visitor researches and interacts with a destination, therefore, the Montserrat Tourism Division found it prudent to offer this service to make the island even more accessible to visitors.”

The e-brochure is also compatible with smart phone devices and can be viewed via:

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