Montserrat Tourism Division Awards Montserrat Service Ready Stamp To 21 Operators

Montserrat views of Little Bay

Montserrat Tourism Division

Release Date

Monday, March 21, 2022


The Montserrat Service Ready Supercharged Training series delivered by the Education Foundation arm of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, benefitted one hundred and forty-six (146) participants from across the tourism sector in summer of 2021.  A major element of the training is for the inspection of establishments including Housekeepers, taxi and car rental agencies to declare them service ready in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Montserrat Tourism Division along with several independent inspectors carried out inspections of tour and taxi operators and car rental agencies.  Twenty-one (21) operators – 15 taxi operators and 6 car rental agencies were deemed to be service ready and will be receiving the Montserrat Service Ready stamp to be placed in their vehicles. 

“This is refreshing to see, as it signals that these individuals are serious about the safety of their clients and themselves in the face of this pandemic” commented Rosetta West-Gerald, Director of Tourism.  She also urges other taxi drivers and car rental agencies who have not yet had their inspections done to contact the Tourism Division on 491 4703 or by emailing  to arrange an inspection.

Additional Inspections for Housekeepers, and main establishments will be done in the coming months.

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