Montserrat Tourism Division and Montserrat Arts Council Announce Winners of the 2023 Christmas Lighting Competition

Christmas Lights, Montserrat

Montserrat Tourism Division

Release Date

Monday, January 8, 2024


The Montserrat Tourism Division, in collaboration with the Montserrat Arts Council, is pleased to announce the results from the 2023 Christmas Lighting Competition. This annual event brings together residents, business owners, and community groups to showcase their creativity and spread festive cheer throughout the island. The judging criteria included Visual Appeal, Cohesive Theme, Creativity, Use and Variety of Decorations/Lights, and Overall Effect.

The Division was pleased with the new entrants who took part in the competition, and returning participants made notable improvements to their displays.

The participants to be awarded prizes in the Residential Homes category are:

Wow Factor Award: Everlyn White - Prize: $1,200.00

1st Place: Silvia White - Prize: $800.00
2nd Place: Jeanette Lee & Aunt Penny - Prize: $400.00
3rd Place: Vanessa White - Prize: $250.00 Business

Category Winners:
1st Place: Gertude Ryan - Prize: $800.00
2nd Place: BBC Complex - Prize: $400.00

Community Category Winners:
1st Place: Montserrat Secondary School - Prize: $800.00
2nd Place: Brades Community from Ashok to Golden Years Home - Prize: $400.00

Special Participatory Prizes were awarded to Basil Chambers and Camilla Watts for their contributions.

The Montserrat Tourism Division and Montserrat Arts Council express gratitude to all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm in their showcase. Their commitment to spreading joy and festive cheer has made the competition a great success.

Looking ahead, we invite more residents, business owners, and community groups to participate in the 2024 Christmas Lighting Competition.

The creativity in displays will contribute immensely to the vibrant holiday spirit of Montserrat. The Montserrat Tourism Division also welcomes potential sponsors to collaborate and enhance the scale of this event.

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