Montserrat's St Patrick's Co-operative Credit Union to Host Canada Diaspora Engagement Forum in Toronto & Montreal

Montserrat's St Patrick's Co-operative Credit Union to Host Canada Diaspora Engagement Forum

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Friday, July 7, 2023


The St Patrick's Co-operative Credit Union (SPCCU) on Montserrat will be hosting their 2023 Canada Diaspora Engagement Forum in both Toronto and Montreal this summer.

Presentations will be delivered to Montserrat nationals and friends of Montserrat living in Canada by the General Manager of the SPCCU, Mr Peter D.A. Queeley.

According to Mr Queeley; "The aim of the SPCCU Canada Diaspora Engagement Forum is two-fold. Firstly, we at the SPCCU want to promote the various products and services offered by the SPCCU to the Canadian Montserrat Diaspora with particular focus on our deposit investment products ie (CDs and Retirement Savings Plan), our insurance products namely (family indemnity plans and critical illness plans) and our mortgage loan products."

Mr Queeley goes on to state; "Secondly, the SPCCU desires to showcase and promote that Montserrat as a country is open for external investment led by its Diaspora in various areas such as real estate and business. The SPCCU, as a financial institution base in Montserrat, desires to take the lead in terms of organizing and directing such investments which could take the form of legally incorporated and managed pooled investment arrangements such as a Mutual Fund or Investment Company.”

The dates for the Diaspora Engagement Forum are:

Toronto: July 29th at the Northwood Community Center, located at 15 Clubhouse Ct, North York, Toronto, Ontario, M3L 2K5 from - 5PM- 9PM
Montreal: August 2nd, at the West-can Folk Performing Studio, 7419 Ave, Harley, Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1L5 - 7PM - 9PM

The theme for the Montserrat-Canada Diaspora Engagement tour is "Mobilizing Financial Services for Sustainable Development"

Everyone is invited to come out in both cities and hear more of what the SPCCU has to present on options for using their products and services for investing in Montserrat.  

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