Montserrat Records First COVID-19 Recovery and Two New Cases

Montserrat Records First COVID-19 Recovery and Two New Cases

Montserrat Records First COVID-19 Recovery and Two New Cases

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Sunday, April 12, 2020


April 12, 2020 GIU, Davy Hill Montserrat– Montserrat has recorded its first full recovery; while two persons have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) has received the results of eight samples recently dispatched to CARPHA Reference Laboratory for testing. The results returned with two (2) of the eight (8) samples, testing positive for COVID-19.

The new positives include one hospitalized individual while the other is in self–isolation at their residence.

Among the six (6) samples testing negative was the second repeat test of one of the islands previously confirmed cases. This means that this individual is Montserrat’s first full recovery from COVID-19.

Therefore, Montserrat has recorded 11 confirmed cases overall—10 confirmed cases on the island, nine of which are active cases, as one has now recovered.

While the recovery of one patient represents a win in the fight against COVID-19, the Ministry noted that the battle is far from over. Residents of Montserrat are therefore advised to remain aware of the symptoms of the disease, and to contact the St. Peter’s Clinic at 491- 5436 or 496-9724 or the Glendon Hospital Casualty Department at 491-2802 or 491-2836 should they experience fever, cough, difficulty breathing or any other ‘flu- like’ symptoms.

The public is also encouraged to continue to practice the highly effective public health measures of hand hygiene, social distancing and cough etiquette, and to strictly adhere to the seven (7) day full lockdown which commences tomorrow Monday April 13 at 12:00a.m. These measures will keep us all safe from COVID-19.

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