Montserrat Makes Waves at Antigua Charter Yacht Show

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show, a premier event in the maritime calendar, serves as a pivotal platform for fostering connections within the yachting industry

Montserrat Tourism Division

Release Date

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


The Montserrat Tourism Division, Office of the Premier represented by Market Development Officer, Cherise Aymer, recently participated in the prestigious Antigua Charter Yacht Show, in collaboration with Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fabulous Enterprises, Mr. Jermaine Wade, to showcase Montserrat's unique tourism experiences to the global yachting community.

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show, a premier event in the maritime calendar, serves as a pivotal platform for fostering connections within the yachting industry, while also highlighting the unparalleled charter experiences available in the Caribbean. The event allows vendors to engage in boat-to-boat interactions, presenting their products and services directly to potential clients.

On Friday, December 9th, 2023, Ms. Aymer and Mr. Wade seized the opportunity to host a sponsored informative hour, shedding light on Montserrat's tourism products and concierge services available to yachters visiting the island. The interactive session drew the attention of 30 participants, each eager to learn about Montserrat, anchorage procedures and the diverse array of experiences awaiting exploration.

Ms. Cherise Aymer, Market Development Officer at the Montserrat Tourism Division, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, "The Antigua Charter Yacht Show has provided us with an invaluable platform to showcase Montserrat's tourism products and hospitality to a discerning audience within the yachting industry. The overwhelming interest and engagement during our informative hour underscore the appeal of Montserrat as a premier destination in the Caribbean."

Mr. Jermaine Wade, CEO of Fabulous Enterprises, shared his insights, saying, "Collaborating with the Montserrat Tourism Division at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show was an exciting opportunity to bridge connections between our services and the yachting community. We are confident that the exposure gained will contribute to the growth of Montserrat's tourism sector and attract more yachters seeking new and authentic experiences."

After an informative hour, the team proceeded to visit Nelson's Dockyard. During the tour, they explored various vessels, including Twizzle, which boasts eleven crew members and can accommodate nine guests. Additionally, they examined Samsara, capable of hosting up to 14 guests and manned by a crew of 28.  Engaging with yacht captains and crew, the team discussed the potential inclusion of Montserrat in their 2024 itineraries, which sparked interest among the maritime professionals.

In addition to yacht tours, Ms. Aymer visited various hotels in English Harbour, including South Point, The Admiral Inn, Copper and Lumber, and Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort, further solidifying partnerships and fostering collaboration within the luxury hospitality sector.

The Montserrat Tourism Division remains committed to positioning Montserrat as a must-visit destination for yachters seeking unparalleled experiences in the heart of the Caribbean.

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