Montserrat Civil Service Association Announce Nominations for The Third Civil Service Awards

Montserrat Civil Service Association

Montserrat Civil Service Association

Release Date

Wednesday, March 29, 2023


The Executive Committee within the Montserrat Civil Service Association is pleased to announce the receipt of nominations in response to its third Civil Service Awards Programme.  The Awards programme, in this instance, is an initiative geared at recognizing and celebrating workers of all ages within the Montserrat Public Service.  Nominations were received across nine categories of award;

  • Outstanding Customer Care Award
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Award
  • Professional Etiquette Award
  • Long Service Award
  • National Duty Award
  • Top Teacher Award
  • Nurse of the Year Award
  • Quilton Horatio Tuitt Award
  • Employee of the Year Award

The MCSA received nominations representing a wide cross section of Ministries and departments to include the following;

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment,
  • Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports
  • Ministry of Finance & Economic Management
  • Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • Royal Montserrat Police Service
  • Montserrat Fire and Rescue Services
  • Royal Montserrat Defence Force
  • Montserrat Customs & Revenue Services
  • Office of the Deputy Governor / Human Resources Management Unit
  • Office of the Premier

The shortlisting process is now complete and the Awards Committee will convene effective April 12, 2023 to begin deliberations.  Overall, there are a total of twenty-five finalists vying for the various categories of awards.  Of this number, there will be twelve (12) winners of awards which will be announced at the official Awards Ceremony, carded for August 16, 2023.  The judging and deliberation process will extend for a three-month period, during which the general public will have the opportunity to learn more about the shortlisted nominees through it’s KNOW YOUR NOMINEE promotion programme scheduled to begin on April 03, 2023.  This will take the form of individual promotions featured weekly introducing the public to all twenty-five finalists through various social and other media platforms. The finalists consist of:

Montserrat Civil Service Association Awardees

The MCSA records its gratitude to public officers, as well as the general public who would have participated in the nomination process, and recognized the importance of joining in this most worthwhile initiative.  Your participation has helped to promote and encourage increased professionalism and improve performance within the Montserrat Public Service.   We do look forward to a successful and happy Youth Week 2023. 

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