MNI Media Features Renowned Cryptocurrency Developer Steve Bumbera, The Brain Behind Many Worlds Token ($MANY)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022


Renowned cryptocurrency developer/innovator/leader Steven Bumbera is the brain behind the Many Worlds ($MANY) token.  

Steven recently made international headlines for developing a crypto token that broke all previous records, as reported on CryptoDaily. He leads The Many Worlds Development Team, a global collection of finance, engineering, technology, and marketing industry experts. The team formed in November of 2021 to create a more prolific income-producing asset in the blockchain space.

Steve is a computer science wizard stemming back from his undergraduate days at the University of New Haven and his 5-year career in the Marine Corps working with Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare. Finance and computers are second nature to Steve, and it was only a matter of time before he dove into the cryptocurrency space.

Steve saw the power of blockchain technology and its ability to solve complex problems and jumped in feet first. He is also behind the next evolution of tokens, Many Worlds ($MANY), as they just smashed crypto tokens pre-sale record in less than 3 hours and developed a sophisticated set of entirely new tokenomics to solve a broken system.

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Renowned cryptocurrency developer/innovator/leader Steven Bumbera

Renowned cryptocurrency developer/innovator/leader Steven Bumbera

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