MNI Media Exclusive Interview: Shirley Osborne Discusses Her Candidacy for Montserrat's Elections 2019


MNI Media

Release Date

Thursday, August 8, 2019


Current Speaker of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly (MLA) Shirley Osborne has announced that she is contesting the upcoming Montserrat Elections constitutionally due after September 2019

Ms Osborne spoke with MNI Media's Editor-in-Chief, Jeevan A. Robinson on a range of issues for over an hour for MNI's Media's 2019 Election Central .

Matters to do with her perceived PDM disloyalty, her relationship with Hon Ingrid Buffonge, her vocal political stance over the years as Speaker of the Assembly, healthcare provision solution, education philosophy - plus much more were all discussed.

Listen below as she makes her case to the questions presented:

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