Mighty Mystic Begins 2020 With New Track “Far From Jamaica”

Reggae Artist Mighty Mystic

Natasha Von Castle

Release Date

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Reggae sensation Mighty Mystic begins 2022 with a new hard-hitting single entitled “Far From Jamaica.”  The song features Reggae icon Sizzla Kalonji and Tyler Loyal.  First weekend streams was strong earning the release nearly 30K streams on Spotify and hundreds of play listings and adds. 

‘Far from Jamaica’ is a catchy track which summarizes the deeper conversation about Jamaicans living abroad working in harsh conditions to provide for family back home in Jamaica.  This message is relatable and musically entertaining.

A Little More…

On March 18th Mighty Mystic will release his 5th studio album "Giant" via VPAL Music.  The U.S. based Jamaican born artist is considered as one of the leaders of the genre and is a draw at venues and a staple at National festivals.

Mighty Mystic has 4 previous albums, 3 of which charted on the Billboard top 10 charts. Performing on 30+ tours, a career spanning nearly two decades and committed fans worldwide, it is appropriate that the artists upcoming album is called ‘Giant.’

From its epic orchestral instrumentation to its fierce spear-like vocals delivered by Mighty Mystic this album will leave you on the edge of your seat. The 13-song album features in house production from Mighty Mystic and members of his band as well as guest producers Tim Phillips, Jared "c unO" Bonvino, and Stephen "Thunder" Holness (Mystic’s brother).  The album was recorded at Surefire Studios (Boston, MA) and Mixed and mastered by Tim Phillips at Mercy Sound Studios (NYC).

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