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A Three-Day Getaway in Los Cabos

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Monday, September 18, 2023


In Los Cabos, the dynamic gem of the compelling Baja California Peninsula, there are many paths to wellness. Indeed, 2023 has seen a dedicated undertaking by the destination to prove just such an assertion, highlighting the breadth of its culinary and experiential offerings as part of its “Year of Wellness.” Sometimes, however, there’s just no need to overthink or complicate things. Sometimes, the most direct path to wellness is the most obvious and natural one: with your eyes closed on a comfortable bed as hot stones relieve the stress accumulated by modern life. As one might expect from a destination with so many world-class resorts, Los Cabos has no shortage of world-class spas, each paying homage to the traditions and practices of the peninsula in its own unique way. The bountiful and eclectic landscape of Los Cabos is perfectly suited to inspiring new forms of treatment entirely - ones fuelled by veneration for locally sourced, organic ingredients. 

Simply put, Los Cabos is a wonderland of incredible spas. We’re happy to get you started on your wellness journey by exploring four of them for you, below.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal photo gallery

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal photo gallery

Waldorf Astoria Spa

You may not even have known that the iconic Waldorf Astoria - perhaps most commonly associated with its landmark New York location - also has a property in Los Cabos. We are pleased to not only confirm that the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is a real and superlatively refined property, but also that its Waldorf Astoria Spa is one of Cabo San Lucas’ very best. Honouring the practices of traditional Mexican folk healing (known as curanderismo), the Spa offers a staggeringly thorough menu of treatments inspired by the sea, sun, and moon.

Some of this inspiration is reflected in treatment ingredients like algae extracts and 100% organic seaweed. Often, it is reflected in the form of the treatment itself, through cleansing rituals led by a spiritual healer and aligned to the six distinct phases of the moon. Each treatment is delivered under the watchful and expert gaze of the appropriate on-staff healer: fitness trainer Modu Seye, yoga guru Samira, or resident shaman Fernanda.

We can only touch upon the depth of the treatments at the Waldorf Astoria, but even a cursory look should prove immediately alluring. One of the six signature lunar treatments, the Nourishing Moon is a honey and jasmine sugar scrub that culminates in a heavenly scalp massage and concludes with a rose and jasmine-infused body massage. From the realm of folk healing, the Aloe Sun Healer course is designed to help you recover from a day in the sun with a hydrating full-body mask created from mineral-rich organic algae and luscious local aloe vera gel, among other soothing ingredients. For just about every treatment under the sun (and moon), the Waldorf Astoria Spa has you covered.

Los Cabos Grand Velas

 Los Cabos Grand Velas photos

SE Spa at Grand Velas

It isn’t easy to earn the title of “The Top Luxury Spa Resort in Los Cabos”. It’s even harder to live up to such a lofty moniker. Rest assured, the SE Spa at Grand Velas - a 5-star resort located in the heart of Los Cabos’ stunning Tourist   Corridor - is every bit deserving of just such an accolade. No detail has been missed in this comprehensive wellness experience: from the moment you enter this aquatic paradise, a dedicated spa valet will work with you to design a treatment session tailored to your bespoke needs. Here, cutting-edge technology and the raw, yet reinvigorating energy of the Baja California Peninsula desert mingle together to realize the best of both new and ancient techniques. Take the opportunity to participate in the healing heritage of Los Cabos with ceremonies and rituals that evoke honoured traditions, complete with local panaceas like Blue Agave. No matter the nature or duration of your treatment, each session incorporates a seven-step water ceremony, channelling the power of hydrotherapy (and highly contrasting water temperatures) into profound relaxation.

You’ll also find no shortage of more familiar treatments on offer at the SE Spa. Opt for a personalized therapeutic massage to remove those aches and pains, or treat yourself to an Anti-Aging facial and let your skin be nourished by only the finest natural ingredients. Couples will appreciate the “Spa Atelier” experience: a series of carefully crafted educational workshops that demystify the art of delivering the ultimate aromatherapy and facial treatments.

The Mexico Report: The Spa at Las Ventanas

 The Mexico Report: The Spa at Las Ventanas

The Spa at Las Ventanas

Located in Cabo San Lucas, nestled within the dreamy grounds of the beachside Las Ventanas Al Paraiso resort, one can find a hidden grove dedicated to holistic wellness. Evoking the four elements and the storied healing traditions of the Mexican California  , The Spa at Las Ventanas fully delivers on its promise of deep restoration. Primarily located outdoors, the lush gardens of this spa instantly calms the mind and promotes a connection with the verdant land of Los Cabos. The robust treatment menu defies simple descriptions: the adventurous wellness seeker will find novel and unique treatments that reflect the rituals and natural elements of the peninsula authentically. During a Holistic Twilight Ceremony, guests can harmonize with singing bowls as a shaman cleanses the air with sage smoke and aligns vital energies. The use of healing crystals emerges as a particularly prominent practice at The Spa: the 90-minute Spiritual Chilam session is a modern continuation of an ancestral experience in which a shaman will meditate with crystals to cleanse the soul, and then massage guests to purify the body.

The signature Elemental Journeys treatments are the calling card of The Spa, and each has been crafted to honour a certain aspect of the local culture and the elements of Los Cabos. Take, for example, the comprehensive Essentials Collection. This 240-minute mega-treatment begins with a drybrush exfoliation before transitioning to a scrub made from Mexican mole, chocolate, and peanuts. The body is wrapped with indigenous herbs and spices before a botanical bath gives way to a full body massage. We could go on. As an added bonus for hungry guests, each Elemental Journeys treatment is paired with tasty selections from La Cocina del Spa, ensuring you leave not only rested but also well-fed.

Forbes Travel Guide: The Spa at Esperanza

Forbes Travel Guide: The Spa at Esperanza

Luxury Spa at Esperanza Resort

Even amongst the 26 standouts of the Auberge Resorts Collection, the Esperanza Resort in ever-vibrant Cabos San Lucas…well…stands out! You could easily chalk Esperanza’s appeal to its marvellous (and private) location on the Punta Ballena coastline, its opulent oceanfront villas, or its inventive and delicious on-site cuisine. In our estimation, its award-winning Luxury Spa deserves its fair share of the credit. Inspired by Los Cabos’ unique coastal desert geography, the Luxury Spa leverages the best of land and sea to detoxify and strengthen the body in private treatment rooms under a palapa roof. The fresh and fortifying sea air is your constant accomplice during your stay at the Luxury Spa, wafting through the wooden gates and stone walkways to sharpen the mind and remind you of the majesty of nature, just steps away. Massage therapy is the name of the game at the Luxury Spa: whether enjoyed in a beachside cabana or delivered with a signature blend of essential oils and local flower extracts.

If you’re seeking more than just a one-off dose of wellness, the Luxury Spa’s one-of-a-kind curated program - boldly titled ‘THE WELL’ - may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Let an integrated team of wellness experts guide you through yoga, meditation, journaling exercises, and more. Mind coach Manjit Devgun will lead you in a guided sleep meditation, aimed at helping you get the best REM sleep of your life. 

Ready to embrace tranquillity? Turn your next Los Cabos vacation into a life-changing wellness journey. Learn more about what’s waiting for you in Los Cabos at https://www.visitloscabos.travel/.


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