Lolos: Where History Meets Flavour in Saint Martin

Rib Shack Lolo

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


The convenience of a quick bite meets a surprisingly rich heritage at St. Martin’s “Lolos”: small, locally-owned eateries typically specializing in Caribbean comfort fare. Fine French food is only half the culinary experience on St. Martin: with a pedigree that dates back centuries and plenty of Creole spice, the island’s Lolos are the other half of its award-winning gastronomic scene.

“Lolos” trace their roots to 17th-century warehouses within plantations, where they offered safe haven. These warehouses played a vital role in spurring the eventual rise of small districts and villages, empowering locals to store and sell food and even invent a bespoke unit of sale (“a lot”.) “A lot” would become “Lolo” over the passage of the years, culminating in their contemporary, delicious form today.

Now Located mainly in Marigot (the Creole Capital), and the fishing village of Grand Case, here are the finest of the Lolos to make your St. Martin lunch memorable:

Rosemary's: Located in Marigot, right next to the ferry terminal, “Gare Maritime,” you'll find Rosemary's, a delightful spot serving up an array of mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. With tasty offerings such as crab cakes, chicken wings, conch, and snapper, your taste buds are in for a treat. 

Au Coins Amis: If you find yourself strolling along the main street in Grand Case, you must check out Au Coins Amis. Amis delivers a complete BBQ menu, including stuffed crab, creole pudding, chicken Colombo and conch fricassee. Nestled on the beach, you can rest while delving into authentic Caribbean comfort food. Top it off with their famous Journey cake, a St. Martin secret recipe. 

Ribs Shack Lolo: After you've parked your car at the Grand Case parking lot, let the irresistible aroma of the barbecues guide your way to Ribs Shack Lolo. While looking over Turquoise Bay, dine on grilled lobster, fried fish, and one-of-a-kind sauces. If that is not enough, enjoy fresh cocktails, codfish balls and irresistible creole lamb. 

As Saint Martin remains deeply rooted in its land and traditions, Lolos continue to thrive as a spot for all things social. Continuing to embody the essence of authentic community spirit and hospitality for decades, they are the true heart and soul of the island. A trip to a Lolo will undoubtedly leave you craving more!


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