Letter to The Editor; Hon Charles Kirnon, Minister of Health Should Do The Right Thing and Resign His Post


Concerned Citizen

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Dear Mr Editor,

Permit me space in your publication to share my thoughts on the recent COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed on Montserrat.

Mr Editor, there is a failure of leadership taking place on the island, and it seems that nobody wants to address it head on.

For years, as a born and bred Montserratian, I live in hope that one day our much loved country will rise above the ashes.

We overcame Hugo, we overcame the plague of locust, and rode the fiery hells of a volcano.

2020 brought a new challenge; a new test of the resilience of our nation in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a lover of my country, I do have visions of how I would like to see my country governed.

Today, I am fuming with disappointment Mr Editor! I am in no way political or have any hate for any man for his decisions or his opinions.

But I do believe Mr Editor, that on principle alone, the Honourable Charles Kirnon should no doubt resign his post as Minister of Health.

To take, or not take the vaccine is a mans’s choice, and I respect that. But when you take the responsibility of Leadership as an elected Representative, then you must be prepared to lead by example and take the lead. Charles is responsible for the health of Montserrat's people. He is the one, along with the Premier and Governor, who signed off on whatever COVID-19 vaccines the British Government sent for the people. As a man and as leader Charles, if you don’t think the product is good enough for you then say it’s not good enough for your people equally!

Lead by example Mr Minister!

Honourable Premier Farrell, if you put this man in charge of the health of our people, and he can’t lead by example put him in a corner and get someone else who believes in the process to push and educate the people. If you can’t do that, then you too need to go!

Why is it that no-one within this government wants to be held accountable for their actions? It is against the values of good leadership what we are seeing.

Tell me Hon Kirnon, as the Minister with responsibility for Health, how did an individual breach quarantine to have allegedly been interacting with members of the public, and now causing massive social and economic pain for our island. Someone is responsible for this damning failure and you Hon Kirnon as Minister with responsibility for Health bares ultimate responsibility.

Hon Kirnon you ought to do the right thing and resign. If you do not wish to resign, then the Premier should show some leadership and of being in control of managing this COVID-19 crisis, and fire you immediately.

Your attitude Sir in this whole affair since hearing you speak on the vaccine and on other matters, is very much not in the vein of being a true leader in these times of crisis.

You should be made to resign Hon Charles Kirnon!

Thank you Mr Editor for the space to air my views in your publication.


Concerned Citizen

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