Learn More About Afro-Dancehall Artiste SKORPIO: The Man Behind Hit Single "Rev Up"

Afro-Dancehall Artiste SKORPIO?

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Friday, April 14, 2023


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Canadian born Afro-Dancehall artiste SKORPIO, born D’nell Daniel, is a new sensation set to create waves, with his fusion of Afro-beats with the Jamaican Dancehall sound.

D’nell “SKORPIO” Daniel, born in 1997 in Toronto, Canada, set out on his musical journey with the aim being to bring back the fun; the vibes and the energy into dancehall music - a critical element of the genre that he observed is being gradually lost.

Afro-Dancehall Artiste SKORPIO

Whilst growing up, SKORPIO spent some time living in Jamaica. That experience has helped to inspire his music immensely. SKORPIO’s desire is to push dancehall music to another stage of evolution, whilst paying homage to the work done by the greats who have given dancehall the presence it now occupies around the world.

Legends such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel are some of the dancehall icons whose footsteps SKORPIO hopes to follow in. These hitmakers SKORPIO says, expressed all aspects of their skills via their lyrical content, their unique style and through their live performances.

With SKORPIO’s fusion of Afro-beats and Dancehall (Afro-Dancehall), his music will captivate music lovers the world over. The goal of SKORPIO’s Afro-Dancehall sound is to be appealing to everyone; giving them what he describes as ‘the wickedest whine!”

Music runs within SKORPIO’s veins. His Grandfather is a performer who goes under the name of Ras Heights with the hit song “Feelings of Love” under his belt. Although inspired by the greats before him, SKORPIO has his own unique style. His pipingly hot Afro-Dancehall beats; along with his teasingly expressive lyrics; delivered with his easy and commanding singing style is a refreshing sound within the dancehall genre.

Rev Up by Afro-Dancehall Artiste SKORPIO

SKORPIO’s debut tracks titled “Rev Up” and “Shot! Shot! Shot!” are both creative and energetic! They will give both afro-beat lovers and dancehall music lovers that sexy, yet catchy musical vibe they have been waiting for!

Listen to "Rev Up by CLICKING HERE.  

Or View Video Below:

"Shot! Shot! Shot!" is set to be released at a later date this summer. 

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Twitter: SKORPIOsk97

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