Leader of the PDM Hon Paul Lewis Announces Plans for the Formation of The Montserrat Growth Council (MGC) Upon Being Re-elected to Office


Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Monday, November 4, 2019


Today on Montserrat, during an hour long discussion on ZJB Radio, Leader of the People's Democratic Movement (PDM), Hon Paul Lewis, laid out plans for the formation of The Montserrat Growth Council (MGC) by his incoming Administration upon being re-elected to Office. 

The basis of the Montserrat Growth Council that the PDM, under Hon Lewis, will institute is founded upon the changes in the global economic and political order where policymakers and politicians need all the crucial and critical advice they can get to make the key decisions regarding the nation’s economic, social survival and growth. 

The Montserrat Growth Council (MGC) will be a group of Montserratians drawn from the private sector, politics and the diaspora -  to provide their ideas and recommendations to the Premier and Cabinet towards making Montserrat a vibrant economy; a thriving society and to ensure that the benefits are evenly distributed with Montserrat.

The MGC will have 10 members ( ‚Äã3 from the Private sector; 3 from different sectors of the economy and society; 3 from diaspora and 1 from the Public sector‚Äã). It will meet twice a year to go over the government priorities; plans and provide its input as to how the government can move forward with the goal of having an inclusive and sustainable economic growth for Montserrat.  

Key Points of MGC:
1. MGC is not a ‚Äãpolitical platform‚Äã. It is an independent body of individuals who are invited to offer their insights, analysis and assessment for the betterment of Montserrat to the sitting Government and the Premier.

2. MGC will play the role of providing an extra hand on the deck to counter challenges facing Montserrat and the participants will be given a full opportunity to share their analysis and assessment.

3. The recommendations given by MGC will be in a public domain so the general public can see what is being offered by the collective wisdom and the Premier will response to each report when it is published.

4. Resetting the course of the economy needs a series of bold actions, requiring both private sector and government participation. The council’s aim is to raise Montserrat’s collective aspirations, to encourage the government to make deliberate choices, and to act with conviction. In the end, what is critical is the growth and development of Montserrat and when the country prospers, everyone does. Shared growth and responsibility to create an inclusive and sustainable economy with a vibrant society is the ultimate goal.

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