Leader of The Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis, Responds To The Latest Twist in The Government of Montserrat's Ferry Fiasco

Leader of The Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis

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Friday, November 18, 2022


Leader of the Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis has responded to the Government of Montserrat (GoM) recently stating that they have failed in their efforts to have a ferry service operational for the 60th Anniversary of Festival, December 2022.

Honourable Lewis says that this development in the ongoing "Ferry Fiasco" is another leadership failure from the MCAP Administration. 

On November 11th, the Access Division issued a statement which gave hope to the travelling public that the Government of Montserrat would ensure a ferry service would be running between Montserrat and Antigua for December 2022. However, on Thursday November 17th, a further statement was shared with the media and the public indicating that these efforts had failed due to what GoM termed to be "operator rescheduling challenges."

Listen below as Hon Lewis responds to the latest twist in "The Government of Montserrat's Ferry Fiasco": 

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