Leader of the Opposition, Hon Paul Lewis, Stands in Solidarity With Protest Action Taken by The Montserrat Civil Service Association

Members of the Montserrat Civil Service Association Protesting

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Thursday, December 8, 2022


Leader of the Opposition on Montserrat, The Honourable Paul Lewis, has voiced his solidarity with the protest action taken today by the Members and the Executive of the Montserrat Civil Service Association. 

The protest action called by CSA President, Nyota Mulcare, saw protesters gather outside the Governor's Office on Montserrat, expressing their call for a 10% salary increase, particularly in light of the high rise in the cost of living on island. 

The last salary increase was delivered in 2017. 

Hon Lewis expressed that he is thrilled with the response by the CSA Members who have come out in support of the action called today by the Executive. He also expresses his disappointment that the Governor of Montserrat had previously stated that a 10% salary increase is not realistic. 

Listen below to the full statement of solidarity shared by Hon Lewis: 

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