Jahbar I is a Reggae Artiste on the Up With the Legendary Firehouse Crew Band


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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, reggae artiste Jahbar I and The Firehouse Crew will be appearing on Smile Jamaica starting at 6:00AM, running through until 8:30AM

Who is this 21-year-old singer Jahbar I; the artiste that is making a huge name for himself in reggae music circles?

Jahbar I is the son of one of George Miller aka "Dusty, one of Jamaica's most respected musicians and the Bandleader of the legendary Firehouse Crew Band. With such a powerful lineage and backing, it was only natural that Jahbar I followed suit and is doing today what comes rather naturally to him; singing and performing.

So far he has already impressed producers in both Jamaica and Europe with his vast musical prowess.

As we delve more into this rising star, he shares that his love for music developed at an early age, being in the company of his Dad. Jahbar I became very familiar with studio sessions, rehearsals and most importantly what it was like to perform live! From an early age Jahbar I was onstage and shared time in the spotlight with icons such as  Luciano.

At the age of 10, Jahbar I began playing drums as a member of the Firehouse Crew Band and appeared at that tender age on recordings playing drums for big named artistes such as  Gentleman, Sizzla Kalonji as well as acts from Japan.

We learn further that in late 2012, Jahbari released his first songs “I Just Be Me” ( Re-Birth Riddim), and “The Chant” (I Fawud), (Ansa Di Question Riddim).

He has also done collaborations with Cape Verde singer Kaya, Holland singer Leah Rosier and African artiste Ras Haitrm.

He has since released songs such as “Many Talking”, "High Tonic", "Nuh Paper Soulja" “Bakklefield” etc.

A big accomplishment for Jahbar I came in January 2015, when he made his major show debut at Rebel Salute, and also again in December of 2017 when he appeared at the annual show of Tarrus Riley and Friends Live.

In terms of  Jahbar I's main influence he says: "I am a fan of many artistes. Calling a name would be an endless list. Musically, I just want to be the best of me."

Listen below to some of Jahbar I's music so far released, and also a sneak preview of the soon to be officially released track "Friendly Foes." 

Listen to Friendly Foes here:

Listen to Legal Scammer below: 

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