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Thursday, December 29, 2011


One of the top resorts in the world, Saint Lucia's multiple award-winning Jade Mountain, is offering cruise ship couples arriving on the island a daytime excursion like no other.

The resort's "Whisk Her Away to Jade Mountain" promotion entices shipboard couples to grab an opportunity to escape the hordes of fellow passengers to an exquisite luxury daytime encounter.

The cruise couple will be taken to the enchanting former French colonial capital of Soufri''re to experience the unique Jade Mountain resort hideaway with its world class cuisine and breathtaking views of the iconic twin peak Pitons mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Often listed among the top three resorts in the Caribbean, Jade Mountain is an architectural marvel created to celebrate Saint Lucia's magnificent scenic beauty.

Cruise ship guests will be whisked by private helicopter from Castries and met 20 minutes later on the property's helicopter pad and the Jade Mountain Club for a refreshing glass of champagne.

The helicopter ride treats passengers to stunning views of the island's beautiful west coast before descending onto Jade, which is regally perched in the rugged hillside above the sea.

With the Pitons as the backdrop, guests will enjoy a specially designed four-course lunch with a choice of wines created by Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden. Jade Mountain's menu features fresh seasonal ingredients, including organic produce grown on the resort's Emerald Estate farm.

Photo Credit To XO Private

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