Is Non-Religious Spirituality the New Religion?

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Patricia Mason

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022


 Nearly one-third of U.S. adults don’t follow a religion, according to a Pew Research Center survey ( Religious disaffiliation is growing faster among younger Generations.

Modern-day pressures are causing anxiety and stress levels to reach new highs. As life becomes more frenetic, many people are recognizing they have a greater need for peace in their lives.

"In the past, religion has been a refuge from life’s problems, but the modern generation is looking for logical and scientific answers to life’s toughest questions,” says author Ravi Kathuria. “Blind faith is no longer acceptable to the modern generation.”

Is there a meaningful solution for the modern generation? If religion cannot satisfy them, can non-religious spirituality step in to provide solace and a sense of calm?

Thousands of years ago, ancient sages in India discovered human beings had a wonderous spiritual ability, explains Kathuria. They realized it was a fundamental part of the nature of humans, and every human possessed spiritual ability since birth. It is one of the most significant discoveries in human history. Their discovery predated religion and is unrelated to religion.

“Religious doctrines have distracted us away from our inherent and natural spirituality,” says Kathuria. “If we connect with the spirituality within, we can find peace in spite of the modern-day pressures. It is ironic that what the modern world desperately needs was discovered thousands of years ago!”

Every human being, regardless of caste, creed, religious beliefs, region, social status, intelligence, gender and sexual identity has an inborn, inalienable and powerful ability — the spiritual ability. No exceptions. No preconditions, underscores Kathuria.

“Religion Discriminates. Spirituality does not! It cannot!” declares Kathuria.

Spirituality is universal. Everyone has equal access. This truth can make the world a calmer, peaceful place, emphasizes Kathuria. He believes it can change the course of human history. 

“It does not matter whether we are religious or atheist, whether we are gay or straight; no one can deny us our spiritual ability,” Kathuria says. “No one can take it away from us. Not a religious leader. Not a spiritual leader. No, not even God!”


About the Author
A business thought leader, management consultant and executive coach, Ravi Kathuria has been quoted by the likes of the Wall Street JournalForbes, NPR and the PBS Nightly Business Report. He is the founder of Cohegic Corporation, and the founder and president of the Houston Strategy Forum.

His first book, How Cohesive is your Company?, presented a holistic, cohesive management method that received great praise from top executives and business professors.

In his second book, Happy Soul. Hungry Mind., Kathuria uses his analytical and intuitive skills to remove the complexity and confusion of spirituality. Happy Soul. Hungry Mind. is a work of spiritual genius.

He lives in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

Mr. Kathuria is available for interviews on the subjects of spirituality, business, and on improving the quality of life, and the quality of the workplace culture. 

For more information, visit, or connect with the author via email, on Facebook: @HappySoulHungryMind; Instagram: happysoul.hungrymind; Twitter: @HappySoulHungry; and YouTube: Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.


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