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Nancy Drolet

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Thursday, April 4, 2024


One Caribbean Canada is delighted to announce the launch of a new Caribbean tourism group in Canada complete with a website promoting the Caribbean region.  The launch of this website represents the collaboration of multiple Caribbean tourism offices wishing to promote their countries to the Canadian market and to be a Caribbean travel resource for consumers, travel advisors, journalists and meeting planners.

“For consumers, this new website offers a place to start their research with information and links to multiple destinations in the Caribbean.  But this is not a booking site”, said Nancy Drolet, Founder of One Caribbean Canada.   “We recognized that consumers were going to find us anyway, so why not provide them with the information they are looking for – all countries in one place,” added Drolet.  To date, several Caribbean tourism offices and hotels have joined the grouping with one of the key objectives being to provide their resources on one website to effectively market their destinations.

“We are pleased to participate in One Caribbean Canada.  There was a void left when CTO closed their Canadian office.  There are times when each country will promote themselves separately, but there will be instances when we as relatively small Caribbean destinations will need to make our presence felt, by joining forces to promote the region as a whole.  It has been proven that our voices will be heard stronger when we join together in unison,” said Shelley John, Director of Sales for the St. Vincent and The Grenadines Tourism Office in Canada.

Mikala Moss, newly appointed General Manager of Sales & Marketing for The Islands of The Bahamas in Canada added “We are each working for different countries, and we all have different websites with information located in different places.  One Caribbean Canada will centralize the information on Caribbean countries such that the same information for each country will be in the same place on each destination page.  What a time saver that will be for our travel partners”.

A password protected area has been created for Advisors, Media and Meeting Planners to access which will contain contact information and links that consumers won’t need.  For example, links to Specialist Training programs and hosted webinar platforms like Spoiled Agent.  “Why remember 25 or 30 website addresses, when you can remember one and from there, we connect you to everyone?” said Drolet, “We truly will be Your Caribbean Travel Resource”.

The website goes live in early April and will start with 18 countries and multiple hotels.  The ‘Destinations’ section of the website will open with a map of the Caribbean region which will offer the visitor who is not familiar with the location of each country, the opportunity to simply click on the one they wish to research.  Various bits of essential information will be available including food and dining, activities, flight information, destination wedding requirements, etc. for each country.  Downloadable brochures and links to destination literature and videos will also be provided.

“We want this site to be the start of a renewed partnership with our travel advisors and look forward to your input and suggestions.  It is our hope that One Caribbean Canada will not only promote the Caribbean but be a simplified resource for both future visitors to the Caribbean and to our travel partners,” said Drolet.

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