Importance of Being Virtually Social: Some Ideas To Consider


Lindsay Myers / MNI Media

Release Date

Friday, March 27, 2020


It is very important for us all to stay connected right now. We need each other more than ever. Even though we can not physically be around each other doesn't mean we can't connect. Thankfully technology makes this easier for us. If we can find small joys each day and healthy distractions right now, why not take them! 

From Facebook Workplace, Zoom, to Instagram live, Google Hangouts, or Skype there are many apps and websites that allow us all to group chat and keep the happy hour going. This is a tough time for us all. So whether you just make coffee dates or do some crazy activities, being virtually social and seeing the people we love sure help our mental and emotional state! 


Virtual Social Activities:


Wine Tastings: 

You can all buy wines from the same regions and compare notes. You can also feel like you are on a little worldly adventure. 


Cocktail Party: 

Create a cocktail theme, then see how many different versions you all have.


Dinner Parties: 

Either all eat the same type of cuisine, or just eat dinner and hang out. It's all about the company. 


Dance Party: 

Create a playlist that everyone can have access to, and dance your heart away. This is a great exercise, and also a great way to get that stress out. 


Movie Night: 

The new version of Netflix and Chill. All play the same movie and pop some popcorn.


Book Club: 

The club doesn't have to end just because of the situation. Pick a book and have weekly virtual meetings. 


Get Crafty: 

Weekly send out ideas for art and crafts projects and then video chat about the finished project, or do them while you are chatting. (knitting, painting, jewelry etc.)


Costume Party: 

Name that theme and everyone dress up! 


Birthday Party: 

So many people are missing their birthdays with those they love right now. Just because you can't see each other doesn't mean you can't celebrate. Have a cake delivered, and all sing through video. Make them feel the love! 

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