How Travel Can Benefit Your Mental Health


Tali Haim

Release Date

Monday, June 8, 2020


A saying goes, “Much play with no rest makes Harry a dull boy.” This means that there is a time in your life that you need to take a rest. You need to take a rest from all norms and relax your mind like a punter on WSOP app, one of the best gaming apps, after winning big. Taking a rest from all other activities can be done through traveling. Traveling has a way of benefitting our mental health, and discussed below are such ways:

It lowers stress levels

The thought of just planning that journey will excite you, and your mind will focus on the trip. This will keep your mind off what has been bothering you. When you finally get away from your place of work or home, you will be less anxious and less stressed. A poll conducted by the U.S. Travel Association found out that 86% of those who travel are contented with their outlook on life, compared to the 75% of those who do not travel.

It enhances happiness and pleasure

They say, “money can buy happiness.” I beg to differ. You might have all the money and material possessions in the world, but they will only give you temporary satisfaction. The more you get old, the more you realize how of no importance those material possessions are. One thing that will never escape your mind is the memories of the beautiful places you visited, the cultures, the passions, and traditions of the people you met.

You will forever be happy about your encounters during the travel.

It boosts creativity

When you travel to different destinations, you will experience different cultures, languages, tastes, and many more. As you meet new people and come across new situations, you become open-minded. This enables your brain to make new connections, and new synapses begin working. You will then be able to come up with different and creative solutions to the problems that you may encounter in your day to day life.

It opens your mind to new cultures and experiences

It is so eye-opening when you meet different people with different cultures compared to your own. This will help you learn to appreciate other people’s perceptions. You will also learn to make positive changes in your life. For instance, you can pick a few things from the new culture. You can come back home with different recipes or attitudes towards things that you once took for granted.

It increases your confidence.

When you frequently travel, your level of confidence increases. You also tend to be more satisfied with your life. Traveling will take you outside your normal routine; you will visit new destinations and meet new people. This comes with a lot of challenges because everything is new. You will be forced to solve different problems on your own, especially if you are traveling alone. You will have to make decisions very quickly. Such encounters will make you improve your problem-solving skills and hence boost your confidence when you are back home.

Do you want to benefit from all these? Then start packing your bags and get ready for that trip.

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