How Black Consumers Can Build Their Credit and Manage Their Debt

Credit card and cash

MNI Alive

Release Date

Thursday, February 3, 2022


In recognition of Black History Month, the experts at have put together a guide to help breakdown ways Black consumers can build their credit and manage their debt. They have also provided a list of Black-owned credit unions and some great financial resources to empower the black community.

Members of the Black community have made strides toward financial equality, despite systemic and sometimes individual challenges in the personal finance space. To help overcome this issue, the guide to helps Black borrowers prepare for their financial future properly by providing expert advice on: 

  • How Black Americans can build better credit
  • How to access financial resources for Black Americans

Understanding how the credit system works also provides the opportunity to share what we learn with others, helping even more people in our communities take advantage of the benefits that good credit can offer.

The guide is located via the link below: 

The guide follows on the a previous article by MNI Alive from the Center for American Progress which looks at the Racial Wealth Gap. See that article via the link below:

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