Homosexuality Legislation To Be Passed In Britain?

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Saturday, February 9, 2013


February 5 will obviously go down in history as being a very sad day for many and let's face it, a joyous one for many as well.

You would have heard the news by now that British MPs voted overwhelmingly, 400-175, in favour of legislation that will give gay couples the right to get married.

This should not really be surprising because Britain legalized homosexuality some 50 years ago, so we sort of knew this was coming. And if you are a Christian like me, you would know that homosexuality was rampant back in what we call the Bible days and we know that it will continue until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ banishes all sin. That's of course for those of us who believe that. I really can't speak to those of you who have a different belief. No apologies again. This is my blog. Not to say I disregard your opinion though. In fact, I welcome your views. Seriously!

Although homosexuality existed from time immemorial, this vote basically seeks to validate this malfeasance and some critics say this will go down in history as Britain's biggest faux pas.

I have already heard preachers condemning the move as blasphemous, in that God didn't create Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve and that this move goes against the idea of procreation.

The other side of this drama is that marriage helps people to commit to each other and if we promote equal rights, gay people should be granted that right as well as it makes the society stronger. So naturally, gays are hailing this as a victory and no doubt would be following this Bill through passage in Britain and rooting to have it enacted elsewhere around the world.

On a point of fact, same sex marriage is already recognized in several jurisdictions in the United States. Up to January 2013, nine states have legalized this union Connecticut, Maryland, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Washington.

It is also mooted that government's role is not to dictate to people how they should feel, but rather to treat all people fairly. (Wish this would pertain in all areas.)

Marriage, to those who believe, is an ordained institution of God. But reality check, there are many people who do not believe in God_.sadly.

Folks, this is one tough issue to battle, as there are die hard pros and cons. I am not sure if it is worth it arguing with someone who does not believe what you believe. As with everything, I say let your life be a shining example of what you believe as a Christian and you will have accomplished your work on earth.

As I understand it, the next step for this controversial Bill is its passage through committee and the House of Lords before almost certainly becoming law in Britain later this year.

I would say there is a call for the world church to take a stand! Will churches allow gay marriages to take place in their sanctuaries? Will Ministers of the Gospel perform such ceremonies outside of their church walls? Would governments institute penalties if they don't?

We wait to see!

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