Home Security Tips for Condo Owners

Home Security Tips for Condo Owners

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022


While living in a condo or apartment building may have certain security advantages over a traditional house, there are still several important home security tips that owners and renters should keep top of mind.

Weiser, manufacturers of innovative, high quality and secure door locksets, recommend simple, common sense security when it comes to keeping your condo and apartment safe.

According to Steve Kolobaric from Weiser, just because you live in a condo or apartment buildings, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your security seriously.

Steve recommends the following condo and apartment security tips:

Be alert: It should go without saying but be mindful of others even when you’re inside your building. Pay attention when walking in stairwells, meet your neighbours and know the general layout of the building.

Deny entry: If the front entrance to your apartment or condo requires a key pass, don’t feel rude not holding the door open for someone behind you. Just think – if they’re a tenant, they should be happy that you’re not letting unknown people into the building.

Update locksets: Did you change your front door lockset when you moved in? Not only could the past owner still have copies of the key but so could his friends or your neighbours. Changing your lockset will take about 20 minutes and give you the peace of mind of knowing who has the key to your front door.

Lock up: It sounds simple but keep your doors locked at all times. The majority of burglars gain entry to a home through an unlocked door. Even if you’re just running to get your mail or down the street for a coffee, there’s no reason not to lock up. Don’t be tempted to “hide” a key outside of your unit either. There are less hiding spots than you think and burglars know where to look.

Lighten up:
Alert your building supervisor about any burned out lights in the common areas, such as the lobby, parking garage or hallways. If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as open or broken windows, malfunctioning doors or door locks, or anything that could be a security concern, notify your building supervisor.

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