Historic Sex Offenses: The Perpetrators In The Caribbean - Part Two

Historic Sex Offenses: The Perpetrators In The Caribbean - Part Two

Daniel Magnusson

Release Date

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


All of what I have just put forward in part one of this piece has occurred in the United Kingdom. However, I know for a fact this has, and still is occurring in the Caribbean. I also know that “high society” in the islands discourages people from coming forward and reporting incidents of rape or sex with minors, especially when the perpetrators sit high on the society bleachers.

I grew up hearing the horror stories, and have not witnessed any of these criminals see justice because of the acceptance of this most deplorable behaviour in the Caribbean as normal. Only those from the lower echelons of society ever seem to be brought to justice.

I am sure that I could write a book about all of the instances of underage sex, statutory rape, rape and incest that I have heard of and can certify as the truth. I am sure there are others who can say the same and many of us would have knowledge that does not overlap.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, my mother and step-father took me with them to the cinema one Saturday evening. The cinema was rather full, and we were not able to all sit together. A particular gentleman offered an empty seat next to him for me to sit. He spent the rest of the evening rubbing up my leg. I found the experience very uncomfortable and disturbing and confided in some friends when I went to school the following Monday morning. My friends spare me no grief by going into depths in telling me that this individual was a known “anti-man” and that they knew of numerous boys he had “fixed up”. They warned me about this individual. This man continued to hound me, meeting me on the road and telling me in very graphic details what he would like to do to me. It was only until I managed to gather the courage to tell my mother that this stopped. To this very day, I have no idea what my mother said or did to this man, suffice to say, that he never even looked in my direction ever again. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones to have escaped physical harm, but I still carried the psychological effects for some time afterwards.

I know of two girls personally who got pregnant in school. One was consensual sex with a grown man (still statutory rape). The other girl was raped by a man whom she respected and was trusted by her mother to give her extra lessons. This man never acknowledged the child he sired via the rape, and took it to his grave with him. I am guessing that he felt that acknowledging the child would be acknowledging the crime he committed.

I know of male school teachers who would have their wild and wicked way with the school girls. I know of one male teacher, in particular, who threatened to fail a young lady if she did not give up the goods. Fortunately for her, she was brave enough to speak to another female teacher who basically had a quiet word with the male teacher, which stopped the threats.

I know of a female teacher who has had sex with one, if not more, of her male students.

I know of a father who used to sexually molest his daughter and told her that if she told her mother it would destroy the mother and the marriage. The young lady has never told the mother.

I know of a woman who was repeatedly raped, over a period of time, by her uncle, the brother of her mother, and his son. She was also repeated raped by her aunt’s husband. She became a lesbian because she now cannot stand the notion of a man touching her.

I know of a man who has numerous sexual liaisons with young boys. He does this by befriending the mothers and plays godfather to the boys, showering them and their mothers with gifts until he has complete control to do with the boys as he wishes.

My grandfather told me that he does not believe in church because a priest tried to molest him when he was a young boy. He told me that he beat the priest quite badly, but nothing came of it because they were more fearful that he would expose the priest for his actions. I later learned that this same priest had committed some of the same heinous acts in Ireland and was relocated to the Caribbean to avoid a scandal in Ireland.

I know of a prominent businessman who has a penchant for little girls. Once when his sexual tryst resulted in one of these little girls being hospitalised, the young lady’s mother was paid off to not make an issue. The hospital records about the little girl’s injuries also disappeared.

I know of a young school girl who was basically gang raped by about six grown men. She had a rendezvous with one of the men voluntarily but was then forced to have sex with the other five.

I know of a similar situation between a school girl and group of school boys. The young girl consented to sex with one boy, and the other boys “jumped on” in turn afterwards. Nothing came out of it because her parents were “nobodies”.

It is pointless at this stage to keep listing these cases, because as I said before, I could write a book. However, like the UK cases, it appears as if “high society” is “protecting” itself, and its members are above reproach. There are many supposed gamekeepers in the system who are actually poachers. There are film clips of Rolf Harris making his appearance on children UK TV programs talking about what children should do if they are touched inappropriately. All that time, he was actually hiding his dark secret.

Another disturbing notable fact is that although you occasionally hear of women being involved with sexual misappropriation with minors, the majority, by far, of the perpetrators are men. It is the men of society who are supposed to be the kings, leaders and protectors, who are the main poachers of the innocent.

Like the case with Saville who was deemed to be so powerful that he was virtually untouchable, such is the fear that pervades these Caribbean societies, that one mother refused to take the matter of her raped and impregnated daughter to court because she feared the psychological damage that would be done to her daughter on the witness stand by the high powered, high paid lawyers of the rich and affluent perpetrator. She deemed that her daughter would be portrayed as a whore. What is even more disturbing is the propensity of some parents, and in particular mothers, to be willing to take financial recompense rather than seek judicial justice.

In many cases of young girls being raped, and in particular either by high society men or the sons of such, the young girls are blamed “for getting raped”! In some instances it is said that the young girl has cried rape because she got more than she bargained for, or because she got caught out having sex. These victims are even told that they must have done something to get raped or it is their fault why they got raped. Many of these victims then become too ashamed to report the crime for fear of recriminations. Society has done a damned good job at stigmatising the victims of these heinous acts rather than bringing the perpetrators to justice.

In very rare cases, the stench manages to break through the surface. In those rare cases, those supposed bastions of faith and justice become moved with some perceived sense of indignation. There is then a collective expounding of the virtues, and down crying of the injustice. From the religious sect, there is a call for collective and national prayer. I am one who knows my Bible, and it says in James 2:17: “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”

So my question is, while you all are orating vehemently, and praying profusely, where is the action to back it up? Where are you demonstrating that you are actively lobbying your politicians and authorities to take decisive action against these perverts?

I am certain that if you examine closely some of these individuals committing these depraved acts on the young and innocent, you will definitely uncover many other character flaws in these individuals. Only one devoid of a conscience or a moral compass could ever contemplate and execute such depravity.

I know of one particular big fish, and known sexual deviant, whose business practices leave a lot to be desired of. He is as ruthless as he is dishonest. What is even more sickening is that these individuals at times do not act alone. To add to this, many in high society hold these individuals up as the champions of truth and justice, knowing full well of the monsters that lie within.

It speaks volumes of what that society has itself become; one without understanding, conscienceless, faithless, heartless, loveless and merciless. How else could “they” stand in silence and watch our children destroyed in this manner.

I know of a lot of victims are walking dead and are dying internally as a result of these atrocities against them. These are people so traumatised that they cease to live; they only just barely exist, going through each day keeping up the appearance of functioning, while inside, they are slowly withering away. I know of a lot of troubled souls and psychologically disturbed individuals who have never received neither help, comfort nor solace, nor justice.

My “lesbian” friend would not have turned to that lifestyle if there were facilities there to help her. Many times she has expressed to me and others in the very close circle of friends that she has a desire to have a meaningful relationship with a man, get married and have children. But she also says that the very thought of being with a man, after what men have done to her, frightens her.

I also know of many - both men and women - who have tried to get on with their lives and have had failed relationships because they have never been helped to heal from the damage that was done to them. Many suffer from serious psychological disorder, mental illness and even some physical (yes, physical) complications as a result of the abuse they have suffered.

I can personally attest to the levels of unbridled rage I carried around with me as a teenager and into early adulthood, attributed to this individual who felt me up. I am convinced that if I had the opportunity to do some serious harm to this individual, I would most likely have. I was fortunate that I had people around me to help and guide me away from the path of self-destruction and unto the path of release and healing. Many other victims have not been that fortunate

There are questions that now need to be asked. Why is the law not pursuing these miscreants? Where is the protection for the victims of these crimes? What and where are the agencies responsible for the care and rehabilitation of the victims? Where are the victim support units?

Like in the UK, will we ever see any of these big fishes caught and cooked? Like Saville was exposed, albeit after his death. Numerous others like Max Clifford, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris, who had been tried and convicted for historic sexual crimes, are locked up. Will we ever see this happen in the Caribbean? Will we ever see perpetrators of this sick and depraved act tried and convicted in a court of law? Will we see the politicians in the Caribbean put laws into place, like the UK, to deal with historic offenses?

In order for the healing of our Caribbean communities, these beasts must be brought to justice. A clear and decisive precedent needs to be set and adhered to, to let anyone know that if they cause any one of these little minors harm, it would be better for them if a large stone be cast around their neck and them being cast into the deepest ocean.

There must be the investigative powers like Operation Yewtree. The legal system also needs to be backed up with the laws that have teeth. The victims need to be given a platform to speak out, without fear of ridicule, reprisals or condemnation.

That will be the start of the healing process for many. Then, the necessary bodies and organisations need to be set up to help with the physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. But for this to happen, we need to see the galvanising of the community as a whole, and in one accord, openly and vociferously condemning on all levels the predation of our young girls and boys.

The whisperings behind closed doors needs to become clear and loud with voices burning ears, penetrating hearts, and moving minds, resulting in clearly defined, directed and effective actions. We need to see our young girls and boys educated to have enough respect for themselves and to know where they can turn to if they are approached in such a manner.

I for certain would like to see those perpetrators in the Caribbean meeting the same fate as Max Clifford, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and company, and not have to wait for a Jimmy Saville type revelation before anything is done. These individuals need to be brought to justice rather than continuing to be revered and celebrated by the same society that they are preying on. The dead cannot be brought to justice.

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