Helen Joan Greer Celebrates Her 100th Birthday Surrounded by Family and Loved Ones in Toronto, on Saturday May 4th

100th birthday lady Helen Joan Greer

Jeevan A. Robinson

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Sunday, May 5, 2024


Saturday May 4th, 2024, was a memorable day for the family of Helen Joan Greer, who all came together in Toronto, Canada, to celebrate Mama Greer's 100th birthday milestone. 

Such a day could not have been possible without the grace, mercies and blessings of the Most High God, to whom Lady Helen Greer extended much thanks and gratitude to during her testimony, as she welcomed and thanked everyone in attendance for making her 100th such a special and momentous day. 

The family and loved ones of "Mama" as she is affectionately referred to, gathered for a celebration of love, togetherness and immense joy. It is beyond a joyous experience to witness Mama Greer, on her 100th, still being strong, beautiful and as ever alert and exuberant beyond her years. Her passion for life; her love for her family and friends; her love of God and her delightful personality were all evident as she sat regally at the head table during her centenary celebration and welcomed all who came to share the moment with her. 

100th birthday celebration of Helen Joan Greer

The daughters of Helen Joan Greer seated with her during her 100th birthday celebration on Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Mama Greer arrived at her centenary celebration most befittingly in a white stretch limo, and was met at the reception hall with the red carpet treatment, as she was welcomed by her lovely children. As she exited the limousine, she presented a royal wave and a warm smile. Her very countenance expressed how pleased she was at the greeting she received upon her arrival. She was immaculately adorned; most certainly not looking like a lady who was standing witness to 100 years of life. Such is the strength that has kept her going over the years. 

100th birthday celebration of Helen Joan Greer

Mama Greer arriving at her 100th birthday celebration and being lovingly welcomed 

The celebration was well-structured and showed that much time and effort went into the planning process. Family members were first introduced to enter the hall as their names were called. This included all of Mama Greer's children, grand children, great grand children, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters-in-law and also her stepdaughter. Following this, Mama Greer being the Guest of Honour, entered the hall escorted by her daughter Cynthia Hendrickson and grandson Anderson Cabey. The moment was picture perfect to see Mama Greer entering the hall with all of her generations standing there to greet her. 

The day's events were blessed by both Pastor Carlos and Minister Christopher Small. Following which remarks were delivered by daughter Thelma Cabey as she welcomed everyone and recognized Mama Greer's special day. Dignitaries also paid their respects to mark the occasion, with Honourable Minister of Education, Health and Social Services on Montserrat, Charles Kirnon, being on hand to deliver his remarks and congratulations to Mama Greer. Also, Minister Kirnon also did Mama Greer the honour of reading special greetings which were sent in from His Majesty King Charles III; Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon; and the Premier of Montserrat Easton Taylor-Farrell. 

Hon Charles Kirnon

Honourable Minister of Education, Health and Social Services on Montserrat, Charles Kirnon

Guests at Mama Greer's centenary celebration were treated to a tasty lunch, following which a presentation of a beautifully designed bouquet of flowers was delivered to the lady of the moment from the Emerald Isle Creative Vibes of New York.  

As the DJ played happy birthday to Mama Greer, the 100th birthday cake was presented and cut -  with the toast for that moment given by Lady Small, the wife of Minister Christopher Small. The moment was deeply moving as it was here that a sequence of events took place where Mama Greer gave her touching testimony and affirmed her thanks and gratitude to God The Father for all his love and blessings. She thanked her family and gave recognition to all her generations that were present to celebrate with her. 

Mama Greer sang the chorus of one of her favourite hymns with everyone in attendance joining in to sing along with her. This section of the day's proceedings brought tears to many eyes as it captured the significance and historic milestone of the occasion we were bearing witness to.

100th Birthday cake of Mama Greer

100th Birthday cake of Mama Greer

Family, friends and love ones in attendance at Mama Greer's 100th celebration

Family, friends and loved ones in attendance at Mama Greer's 100th birthday celebration in Toronto Canada 

Congratulations are in order for the organizers who put together such a fitting celebration to recognise and show love to centenarian Helen Joan Greer. The importance of such a historic occasion can never be fully expressed in words, as not many have had the good fortune and the blessings to have lived 100 years. 

We wish continued blessings and good health upon the life of Mama Helen Joan Greer and trust she enjoyed her 100th birthday celebration with the immense outpouring of love from all who came from far and wide to be with her. 

Happy 100th Birthday Mama Greer!

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