healthyWE‚Ñ¢ Website Application Launches to Help Combat Spread of COVID-19



Release Date

Thursday, April 9, 2020


( launched its website for people to track their hygiene and other safety practices to help combat the spread of COVID-19, the Coronavirus. People can join the world of healthyWE for free at

healthyWE is a free website built to track your COVID-19 safety practices. It will help keep your spirits up, share ideas for self-care and provide you with recognition for playing your part in keeping your community, your country and the world a safer place.

"healthyWE is easy to use. Set-up requires only an email address and password. Members will be able to track their COVID-19 safety practice activities, daily. Tracking takes less than a minute. healthyWE will give you a daily score for your efforts, so you can see how you're doing", says CEO of healthyWE, Stuart Lewis.

The first phase of the website application will provide its members with eight areas of safety to focus on including: social distancing, self-care, physical distancing, drinking water and more. Members will receive reminders daily, to track their activities through healthyWE. Scores based on self-reporting from all members will be combined to create total scores by country and then shared through healthyWE's website, social channels and media outlets. There is also extensive content from people around the world who are sharing information and inspiration in the fight against COVID-19.

"We recognize that millions of people around the world are doing their part to combat the spread of COVID-19. healthyWE is how we can recognize these efforts, encourage others to do the same and share some positive news and motivation in these challenging times," adds Lewis.

Phase two of healthyWE will include badges and formal recognition for members to share via their own social media accounts, expanded health information curated from public health sources and additional languages.

healthyWE is not designed to replace the advice of medical or public health professionals and is meant to be a tool to educate and motivate people to take necessary precautions based on public health guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

healthyWE is an initiative of Canadian marketing and communications agency Clever Samurai.

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