"Going On A Diet" is a Flawed Mentality


Nico Chavando - Ocinator Fitness

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The key to being healthy is establishing long-term healthy habits. If you hear someone using the phrase “going on a diet”, it usually implies a short-term goal. The phrase “going on a diet” implies a sense of struggle. Going on a diet also implies “coming back” from a diet.

Why is the culture of “going on a diet” prevalent? Perhaps the biggest problem is that many people think that painful diets are the only way to eat healthily. And because many fad diets, including low-carb, low-fat, the keto, the paleo, and other diets, are so painful, of course nobody would want to adopt them long-term.

It’s time to eliminate the false conception that diets are the way to eat healthily. Diets are just for show. They’re often money-making schemes. It’s easy to sell quick-fix diet books. It’s hard to sell long term eating habit books. Part of the reason is that people want to look good for the summer, then go back to eating unhealthily.

Another reason is that people do not know how good it feels to truly eat healthily. But it’s not their fault. They think that eating healthily is eating salads or chicken and broccoli all the time. Eating healthily should be a long-term habit. It should not be a week or month-long “cleanse”. Your body deserves to look and feel healthy always.

Eating healthily is actually very simple to do long-term. It does not require limiting how much food you eat. Eating healthily means eating only quality food and eliminating refined grain and added sugar products.

Adopting healthy eating habits long-term allows your body to feel pure and fresh long-term. The healthier you eat, the more your body will be able to notice that junk food actually makes you feel like junk. Quality food makes you feel great.

Don’t “go on a diet”. Eat healthily always, feel healthy always.

Editor's Note: Written by fitness expert and Stanford Engineer, Nico Chavando. Nico Chavando is the creator of the Ocinator Fitness program available at Ocinator.com.

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