George Lopez’s 15th Annual Golf Tournament’s Gifting Suite Exposes Unique Indie Brands To Celebrity Influencers

On Monday, May 2nd 2022, held at an exclusive Country Club in Toluca, George Lopez’s sold-out golf tournament featured old friends, mostly celebrity participants during the day.

Marc Ang

Release Date

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


Every up and coming brand needs to amplify exposure of their product and service, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than through well known celebrities and specifically, at exclusive gifting suites. These influencers are able to catapult brands from complete obscurity to household names, and with the increasing diversity of Hollywood, America and brands in general, George Lopez’s golf tournament and gifting suite encompassed that diversity in every element.

On Monday, May 2nd 2022, held at an exclusive Country Club in Toluca lake, George Lopez’s sold-out golf tournament featured old friends, mostly celebrity participants during the day. Later in the evening, a mariachi band played to attendees and tournament players as they refreshed themselves with an open bar and a delicious mariscos spread with jumbo shrimp, ceviche, Chilean sea bass and beef tenderloin, among many other scrumptious dishes. An auction was held, which raised money for Lopez’s cause, which supports underprivileged children, adults and military families in the education and health space. His nonprofit, the George Lopez Foundation also has a special focus on increasing community awareness about kidney disease and organ donation.  

George Lopez’s exuberant personality, proud Mexican heritage and cutting edge, diverse style was well represented in his gifting lounge, run by Doris Bergman. This was the 5th year for the appropriately titled “Gratitude Lounge” in George’s 15th year doing this tournament.

Without overloading the gifting suite with too many brands, a dozen or so were showcased, with Lopez and his friends, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Andy Garcia and Joe Pesci, giving them ringing endorsements. All attendees received a goodie bag loaded with cool items, from luxury ties by Art Lewin’s Bespoke to the finest in beauty, skin and men’s grooming, outrageous cannabis topical & edible products, exotic chocolate delights, stunning jewelry collections from presenting sponsor Twisted Silver, delicious soy candles, unique electronics such as Robosen Robotic’s sold-out Transformers robot, hearty spirits including organic Tequila, delectable gourmet sweets and the best ice cream, Sub Zero, where they had a man in a lab suit prepare the liquid nitrogen ice cream on the spot.

“The Bearded Sailor”, pictured with Andy Garcia, is a veteran-owned business, which features handmade products and scents mostly around beard care, but can serve a dual purpose for women’s hair as well. The husband and wife business got their slogan, “does your beard measure up” from founder Joseph’s job as a hull technician in the navy. The logo is the navy rating insignia for that job.

King’s Brewing Company lit up the party with their unique beers including the 50/50 which puts Blue Moon to shame. This fruit flavored beer was hands down the favorite as celebrities and attendees went back for seconds. With a line of over 200 different beers, this brewery gave options for all different taste palettes. Most importantly, the story of entrepreneurship and their young daughter’s cancer survivor story made this brand quite the highlight.

“The Marijuana Factory”, pictured with George Lopez, presented a wide range of cannabis and THC products. It was clearly George’s favorite spot and with innovative products like pineapple habanero cannabis infused gummies, relief balms and tinctures and herbal supplements, who could blame George?

Marc Ang ( is a community organizer in Southern California and the founder of Asian Industry B2B. He is also a philanthropist and loves supporting great causes. Marc’s book “Minority Retort” will be released in early 2022

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